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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Budding entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, work towards having a consistent flow of visitors and customers to their sites. Unfortunately, not all of them succeed. Initially, many thought that spending lots of money on advertising helped increase website traffic. However, you do not ...

3 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is Great

Affiliate marketing remains to be a renowned marketing strategy, both for publishers and advertisers. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is described as an agreement between a site owner and a merchant. The affiliate (website owner), promotes the merchant’s products and services on his ...


YouTube is great for promoting, but you need to do it the right way. It is important to look at YouTube as a destination site rather than as a search site. If you take that into consideration, then you will use YouTube as a supplement to your marketing and promotion of your product and business, ...

I can add some ideas:- optimize your content, so that it ranks in search engines, don't forget about keywords- create clear and compelling YouTube thumbnails- run an ad campaign with AdWords- run a contest for some free stuff- create playlists- use annotations

The top 3 free ways to promote your Affiliate Offer

Driving traffic to your affiliate offer is the very important thing in affiliate marketing. If we drive quality traffic to the offer the conversion chances are more. There are many ways to get traffic to the affiliate offer page. But I am discussing here only Free methods which are I am ...

4 tips for Keyword research in SEO

Guys, I’d like to share my experience with you:) Actually, I believe that keyword research is the most essential part of SEO. If you can find right keywords for your business, you’ll not only bring visitors to your website, but you’ll know also your customers better than your competitors. Proper ...

MozBar tool is awesome, strongly recommend it

How to convert instagram nicknames into id?

Hi, guys! I wanna start mass following in instagram to promote my page, but the tool which I use works only with ID. So I have a list of my audience nicknames and I want to know their ID, does anybody knows tools for this?

I'm afraid it will take too much time, coz I have a huge nickname list

Facebook's dating service

Hello! Has anyone heard about new service on fb?

I think it can help you to make your accounts more trustful. What do you think about it? Do you already have this button?

I heard about it but its only a project right now and its coming soon

Google Customer Match for marketers

Customer Match is Google's equivalent of Facebook Custom Audiences, that uses email addresses to target PPC ads and displays them across Gmail, Search, Shopping and YouTube.

First, it gives you incredible scope. You can re-engage with your clients using contact information they have ...

Thanks:) useful info

How to work with ClickBank? Part1.

If you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing, it can be a bit daunting for you to find a good affiliate network. Here is a small presentation of another efficient platform - Clickbank.

What is ClickBank?

Many people think that ClickBank is another affiliate ...

Useful information for noobs. Tutorial about adding pixel is what I really need

Products from csv to wordpress website

Hello! Does anybody know how to import products from csv to wordpress website? Where can I get more information about it?