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Is ClickBank still alive? Promoting ClickBank products on Facebook.


Is here anyone who tried to promote ClickBank products? Can I sell CB offers on Facebook? Comment please or pm me ;)

Yes, you can sell them . on FB using bridge page or sometimes with direct link

FB banned trustfull accounts

Good evening!

Help me please, bocouse I dont know what to do. I already create 2 facebook accounts with 2 different IP. After 1-2 days they were blocked before I started running ads? And accs look like the usual user. What is the problem?

changing IP addresses is not enough, because Facebook scans your operating system completely, including MAC addresses, cookies, language, time zone and so on. FB saves all of this data, that is why  your operating system is unique for FB. New account = new operating system. Use VDS :)

How to track placements on GDN?

Hey, whatsup! I have a question about GDN. I made an Display ads campaign, and targeting only by geo and gender. Now I need to pass the placement parameter to the tracker. But the Placements tab in my account is empty. Nearby there is a tab "Where ads show". What should I do for tracking ...

haha..classic noob's mistake

fb ad was disapproved


My fb ad was disapproved, because of the "promotion of alcohol products" and I need to rise up the age of my target audience. But there are nothing alcohol products and I already have age settings of the audience over 25. What should I do?

you can try to appeal it or check the text, probably there is a word similar to the name of alcohol etc

Just another joke about FB

US Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation against Facebook because of the leakage of user data.

In mid-March, British and US media published investigations about Cambridge Analytica, which collected 50 million Facebook users to use in political advertising. In particular, in ...


Campaign on instagram

Hey guys! Am I right if I going to run a campaign for Instagram audience, I need to create a new page for each offer? If yes what rules I should follow? Should I make new account, or better buy some old? Need I make posts there?

You need to create new account, only if you sell by mass-liking  or mass-following

«Efficiency is higher when the ass is on fire!» - interview with Jai Sharma, who made $4 mil revenue in 3,5 years

Jai Sharma is one of the top online softwares vendor In the world. Jai made $4 mil revenue in 3,5 years from his back to back IM product launches.

Vadim: Hi, Jai! Currently, the funnel becomes more popular among affiliates. Russian marketers are just learning how to use this tool, ...

Interview with managing director of TrafficStars: The Coalition for Better Ads - step back or bright future of ads?

Peter Rabenseifner is the Managing Director of TrafficStars.com , a fast growing, self-serve ad network and ad exchange, managing all teams across TrafficStars offices in Barcelona, Cyprus and Montreal. And on 29th of March TrafficStars will attend Moscow Affiliate Conference to meet with ...

If you are our client is very easy to make sure our banners are Google Compliant as in the settings for your Ad Spots you can select "Google friendly creatives only" button that we created to make it easier to set up the ad spots.You can also read more about it on our blog post: https://trafficstars.com/how-to-update-your-compliance-rules/

Whitehat CPA offers

Hey everyone! Im looking for cpa network or any other contacts who can advice where to find whitehat cpa offers for Facebook

Most of things e-commerce are still white hat.

Android Apps niches


I started reskin mobile android apps about half year. I’ve already learned a lot of things but after all, still suffer from the problem of finding a good profit niche. I thinking about games or about dating. Also I know that both of this nishes expensive too. May be there ...

Games are the highest revenue generating apps. But you should think about messengers. And visit this sites and try to get analytics for ur apps: app annie, searchman.com