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Tools that a successful affiliate should use in 2018

So my first post on Traffic Cardinal and I really want it a value add for everyone on this platform.

The definitive tools that any affiliate should use in 2018.

These are some tools that no successful aff will ever reveal. So keep that likes rollin!

1. Adplexity (If you are ...

thanks bro

Adwords VPS Solutions

Hey Guys,

What VPS and Residential IP solutions are good for Google Adwords?

rdparena dot com highly preferable for usa and uk

VCC for Adwords

Need canadian VCC for Adwords.. Who can help ?


Indian offers

Hi, atm i perform weightloss Indian offers.I want to try adult COD offers on India, but ican't find it.

May be smb saw this?

Hi, we (as leadbit.com) tried to launch CoD in India, but we couldn't work there, because Indian citizen don't like that format. Namely, they don't want to pay, when we delivery them order. I think Indian Market will be ready in 2-3 years.I recommend to try other countries, like as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines

The cost of twitter ads

Does anybody use Twitter Ads Manager? I think it's a good alternatives to Facebook Ads. But I'm newbie at it . Can anyone help me? I want to Promote tweet, but can't find this option in manager. I see there 4 target segments: age,gender, location and interests .What about cost per action? What ...

I know that twitter target people by key phrases used on their Tweets. You should upload a list of relevant keywords. This marketing capability allows you to reach your target audience when your business is most relevant to them.

Google Adwords Display Network Conversion Rates

We have had quite a bit of variance in client conversion rate results when using the Google Adwords Display Network VS the Google Adwords Search With Display Select Network.

Has anyone else had a similar experience. We would like to hear your insights.

Since you are targeting different people in different stages, your message usually needs to be different than on search. That means that you should never mix search and display together. In many cases, you may want to take those clicks to a different page. It's all in how you do things. When executed properly, you can have conversion rates just as good as on search.

An inside look: Indian MAC by Traffic Cardinal & Leadbit

On the 9th of February India Affiliate Conference took place in Leela Ambience Hall. This event was made by Traffic Cardinal and Leadbit . So, here some information and my thoughts about it.

Delhi - is our first international stop and it was quite exciting to do big event in big country. ...

You can find more pictures here : https://www.facebook.com/trafficcardinal/posts/1965190240400983It is a nice idea if you follow TC on fb : https://www.facebook.com/trafficcardinal

”Bypass system” ban on Google Adwords.

Tell me please what reasons for getting the ban "bypass system"? I work with whitehat offer. It's a online shop of Wrist Watch. I pushed up traffic for 1 day and got the ban ...

Well another solution is if you are working on 2 or 3 tier counries dont hesitate to try bing. Bing does allow bridge and gets you some quality traffic. 

Using parked domain in FB ads.

Hello! I’ve used parked domain on one of my FB ads and my account was banned. Can I use this domain in my new account?

 It always different

Unusual Reach Stats

I created an ad with 4 different pictures and 1 text , so it created 4 unique ads each with a different picture to test the effectiveness of the various images.

I get very unusual Reach Stats :

Ad 1: 1

Ad 2: 7

Ad 3: 4

Ad 4: 532

It made me think that Facebook ...