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“Learn more” button or “Shop now”?

If I’ll change the "Learn more" button to the "Shop now" button in active ad will I go to re-moderation?? I have a good CTR on this Ad cause FB already get a good Audience. And If it gone to re-moderation , does FB start re-search for the audience?

there is one main rule about working with facebook: if your ad successfully passed the moderation and already works-  do NOT touch anything or change anything!  

Targeting to devise brand

Hello, I would like to know, are there any Popup/popunder traffic sources that allow my ads targeting to specific device brand?

 I looking for East Europe traffic.

Pay Per Call Traffic Required


We are from Revenue Dealer and looking for call traffic in bulk and we offer next day payouts to all our affiliates.

Current Huge Demand:

Tech Support Calls

Pharma Calls

No matter you have less or high traffic as we can buy it all.

Our per day demand is ...


What are the the difference between VPS and VDS? Which one is better for Fb ads if I wanna create lots of accounts?

its the same  stufVirtual Private Server and Virtual Dedicated Server.

CPC goes up after raising the budget

I wanna run a campaign for likes and intend to get it for 2 cents/like. The problem is, after spending much on testing and finally getting it for 2 cents, whenever I try to increase the budget the CPC goes up as well. What can I do to avoid this and maintain the CPC after raising the budget? ...

The best you can do is to start a new adsets . with a new budget. Let it run until it has the same results , or increase the budget every 2-3 days in small augmentation ($1-2 per day) so Facebook adapts before ruining the data and CPC.

How to use Pixel at advertising products from various niches?

Customers who have niche shops, selling similar products can build up their facebook pixel.. And when they advertise new but similar products, to new people, the pixel will use the audience information it has acquired before to more effectively target the right people ( people like those who ...

The way I understand the FB Pixel is that it makes a note of every user who have previously visited your site, so that when you go to advertise on Facebook, it will show your ads to previous visitors of the site. If the user comes to your site in May and browses for a bit - the pixel makes a note of this. And when  you decide to run an ad (e.g in August )- the pixel remembers users visited your site before , and FB is more likely to show your ad to those users than if you didn't have the pixel installed. This should work well, regardless of if you're a niche or just a general store.

Using bridge page with FB ads

Does anyone knows is the FB ads + bridge page model can still be successful? Who is still use this model to convert affiliate sales ?

yes, I use many pages (one for each niche)

How I use 1$ FB Ads

I noticed an interesting feature of FB ads budget. I have been running several FB ads for 1$ and they almost always outperform the ads with bigger budgets such as $10-$20/ad. This is how I do it:

-For the first I narrow an audience

to 100 000

-So my ad show me a potential reach ...

I don't do website clicks. Cause I don't want random clicks, I'm interested in conversions.

Amazon Affiliate links in Google Adwords

Is it alright to promote Amazon Affiliate links with Google Adwords?

Better if you build out a site

Cloaking for Adwords

Hi everyone! Who knows what cloaking is better to use in Google Adwords?

It's better not to use any mass cloaking services as their pattern is easily detectable.If you're looking for a really good and long-term cloaking solution, hit me up on Skype: clkteam7