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How to target other page's audience on FB

Hi all,

I'm going to run FB ad campaign for my business and I'd like to target very specific audience. Actually I want to target the audience of my competitors who have their public pages - so I need to scrape the list of their followers. Can anyone suggest the way or tool how to do it? ...

As far as I know,  scraping method is now possible only with email list. Since May 2018 FB protects their user's data (after Cambridge Analitica data scandal) and doesn't allow to target specific profiles by their IDs. But there is much easier way: you can target your competitor's audience using Interest-based audiences option. At the ad set level select Detailed Targeting => Interests => Additional interests => type the brand name of your competitor. It's not the same thing as targeting the fans of particular page, but it's very close and may work even better for you. FB describes it like "People who have expressed an interest in or like pages related to"  your chosen interest (your competitor).

Why You're Not Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

🙂You have a poor starter strategy: You're basically throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. You don't know how to find profitable campaigns, choose offers, no proper optimization process, etc etc. This is an AWFUL strategy and will only result in a big loss of money. Learn to set ...

Long wolf mentality is pretty much evident in every geo, especially the region that I belong from. Its all about caring for each other. Give Value and Take Value. Always remember one thing the other affiliate has failed 100 times to win once. So respect it. 

5 tips to increase your Facebook audience.

# 1: Collaborate with other page admins

Its a very effective way - to establish links with groups which have similar target audience. Among other things, you can provide each other cross-promo.

For example, if you have a page with an ice cream shop on Facebook, make friends with a ...

Add the "Like" button (plugin) to your site

How to use Wikipedia for Broken Link Building

Wikipedia is one of the most trusted sites on global web which appears almost in every search result occupying TOP positions. So, how to use it for your own good?

1. Find Wikipedia broken links

First of all, Wikipedia editors have already done awesome job for you: they collected ...

Deep research, thanks for sharing. Actually when I see Wikipedia in every SERP I always think - how to make use of it.  Finally I got the idea:)

Here's Your Checklist before Hiring a Video Production & Marketing Company

Videos surely have become ‘the most powerful’ medium of communication in today’s world. From work culture to product launches corporates are increasingly using videos to keep their target audience engaged. With an average user spending an hour or more everyday watching videos, film companies are ...

Snapchat ads: promo code method

As you know, every new platform is a gold mine for an internet marketer. At the moment we can say Snapchat belongs to this category as it’s not overcrowded yet.

Please pay attention to its demographic statistics: most Snapchat users are under the age of 25, so it’s really good for ...

I would try Snapchat if it had any influence in South Asia...

Optimize your Google Maps listing with GMB photos

Hi, Traffic Cardinal community!

Today I’d like to share some knowledge about GMB optimization and ranking on Google Maps.

Step 1. Prepare your pics.

Go to your GMB (Google My Business), select “Manage photos”. You should upload at least 3 photos for each category (logo, ...

Wow, that's useful. I've never thought there are so many things in "properties => details" section of the image file, that can be changed and used for your own good.

Layout of images and graphics on fb banners.

Hi, bro!

If you have ever work with fb you know classic rules of making good ad picture.

1) Your banner must comply with the facebook rules which are depends on ad format.

There is only 1 rule which applies to all ad formats: 20% text - you know about tool ...

https://www1.warrington.ufl.edu/departments/mkt/docs/janiszewski/InfluencePrintAdv.pdfRead this. "The influence of Print Advertisement Organization on Affect Toward a Brand Name"

How to get free traffic from Quora

Many marketers underestimate Quora, but basing on my personal experience I can say that it has really huge potential and easy, high-quality and free traffic.

How does it work?

Make a list of engaging discussions on Quora that are related to your niche.

Search for your ...

Thanks for adding this information, it's really important

Looking for social media management tool

Hi, everyone! Please suggest a social media management tool which is an alternative of Hootsuite and Sprout. These are very expensive for me, and I can say they are out of my budget at the moment.

I'm looking for free or really cheap similar alternatives of these tools. I have 7 FB ...

Buffer.com has limited free version and cheap Pro option for $15