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How to unban FB account

Everyone knows that FB can easily ban your account and how hard it is to unban it. Reasons for a ban can be various - a fake account, suspicious activity, not credible information, complaints about your account and any FB Ad Policies violation.

Also you can be blocked for no ...

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Virtual machine or Dedicated Server for Adwords accounts?

If you need to make lots of Google Adwords account for sales you need do it on Dedicated Servers. Google usually see if you use virtual machine, if you made them on tenebris or any other similar softs. Google allows to use proxy too. But When you use proxy you get a low trust rate, which will be ...

Google DNS only


Recent research shows that Pinterest is the fourth largest social source (beating Twitter) for traffic on Shopify.

Pinterest also has the second highest average order value among social media platforms.

To benefit from this social media, build your Pin strategy:

1. ...

There is also targeting option on Pinterest. Ads work well for certain niches (women-oriented) and in certain countries.  

Following Exoclick meetup. Join us at MAC Kiev!

A few days ago AWE2018 came to an end, where many private meetups were conducted. One of those which I attended was Exclusive Cocktail Party from ExoClick . There is no sense to talk about gained experience, new acquaintances, the atmosphere - it's quite difficult to describe by words.Try to ...

Interview with Jitendra Singh: cracking deals in Tier-3 cities with social media ads

Traffic Cardinal interviewed Jitendra Singh, founder of Dgpanda.com, social media marketing expert by profession, who has expertise in cracking deals in Tier-3 city with Facebook ads. His motivation quote is: “Every success story is a failure story if you think you can do better.”


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How to target shopaholics on FB?

Everyone knows that if you start set up target audience Facebook provides additional groups based on interests you had select. On the one hand, it helps to reach people who wouldn’t see your ad. On the other hand, it creates a problem: the ad is shown even to people who do not need it (in the ...

Good post! I also wanna add that  Its necessary to understand the words that will indicate the buyer. For example, I sell cosmetics. Then I need those who are interested in makeup and in same cosmetics brands Anastassia BH, MAC,  Urban Decay and others. These are buyers)

Traffic generation with video uploading site

I've already shared here my method with FB groups, here's my thread to make money on video uploading & sharing, which also involves FB posting and Youtube commenting. I usually use this algorithm with AdSense ads, but you can choose whatever you like.

Create a video uploading site.


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Cloaking for popup

Hi ppl, I want to run popunder/popup campaign. Who can recommend a good cloacker? Also I need advises what to do to avoid google crawler? anything else?

thanks, broI'll try it 

SEO on Bing & Yahoo

Hey, everyone! I'm running web 2.0 and I managed to rank on Google. The thing is that I'm nowhere to be seen on Bing & Yahoo . How do the things work there? My niche is application development. TIA.

I would suggest using social signals and building quality backlinks. In fact, the same way you do it with Google. But it's a bit easier with Bing as it's less effective in detecting spammy links. 

Get free traffic from FB groups

I’d like to share my method of driving free traffic via Facebook Groups.

Here’s algorithm:

Create 3-5 FB accounts.

Join some FB groups with each account.

Find pictures that force interaction (something disputable, controversial).

Post from one FB account this pic ...

Yes, it brings some traffic, tried this method when I just started out with digital marketing. Though I can't say it's quality traffic, and the volumes are limited. I prefer targeting campaigns - the result is much more impressive.