One click flow

Does a mobile visitor to page (lets assume they are on 3g with the right carrier for the offer) simply tap the subscribe button and automatically get billed OR do they tap the button and then have a pin # messaged to them which they have to re-enter onto the page? So I have read different things ...

There 5 types of mobile payments:1.Mobile 1Click,  DCB (direct carrier billing), DOB (direct operator billing), DMB (direct mobile billing), MSISDN forwarding, Wap header enrichment, 1Click, Wapclick, Single Click, OneTap. The user clicks on the payment confirmation button and this is enough.2.Mobile MO, MO opt-in, MO payment, Premium SMS.   The user must send Premium-SMS to pay for VAS. There is a link on the Landing, which opens the window for sending SMS with a pre-set short number and prefix.3.Mobile MT+MO, Handshake, МТ opt-in. The user enters his phone number in the Landing page, gets an MT message, responds to it with an MO-message.4.Mobile PIN Submit, Pin opt-in. The user enters his phone number in the Landing, gets an MT-message with the code, which he must enter on the Landing page to confirm the payment.5.Mobile Link. The user enters his phone number in the Landing, gets an MT-message with a link, clicks on it and confirms his desire to pay for VAS.

Getting installs from FB

Im promoting apps from CPA Networks. For the first I try to use Mobile News Feed with a link to site and spent big budget on facbook (it seems like wasting of money: a lot of impression but very few download). I heard about using Facebook’s targeting in conjunction with mobile app install ...

If you don’t have access to the app it’s hard because you can’t track the install or the event. That means you will buy  CPC and measuring on the backside (especially if you’re doing a CPA offer). FB doesn’t love direct affiliate marketing like that either so it’s a slippery slope. Best situation is to get the dev who employs you to grant access to their SDK ID so you can run proper ads. If you’re doing straight arbitrage stuff you’re going to have to use a separate tracking system to back out the installs

How to get more traffic to my website cheaper?

Hello everyone,

One Month ago I start to drive traffic to my sites (I have 2) I used Facebook ads and Adwords . I have spent over 1000 dollars on both and I only made 12 sales.This revenue can only cover the advertisement cost , so I'm making a loss for every item sold.

My site ...

U should work on your target audience. Imagine who’s your ideal buyer? Once you answer that, next step is to find: a)Where do they spend their time? (sites,  magazines, forums, shops and other) b)Focus on your selling point (quality and performance) and reach the people that would care about thisc)Try to guest posts on thematic blogs, and fill in your own website blog.

How to download a video from insta target?

I saw a good video creative in Ad, any idea how can I get it?

I'm afraid this is impossible. You can try do screen recording and then cut video 

Affiliate links from ClickBank

i'm new in this PPC site and i want to know that adword really ban the affiliate programs or i can still make a campaign using my affiliate link generated from CLICKBANK , CJ etc

WorldWide offers

Let's talk about worldwide offers.. Maybe you don't understand what I mean immediately and go to ask google. I felt similar too.. So what is it?

For the first Its about offers which are you can sell for every GEO- thats make them “WorldWide”. And secondly approve 99%! You think it's ...

is it about ClickBank?

Goal "Traffic" or "Conversions"?

Help me to understand. I decided to work with fb. somewhere I heard that you first need to choose the purpose of "traffic", such as to make the FB understand what traffic I need, and then go for conversion. Is it so? Or you can immediately pour for a conversion?

For the first I recomend you start from traffic, that Fb will understand what type of audiense interest in your offer. After it try to work with conversions

Best verticals for Bing

What's the best verticals to be run on Bing whitehat? Not into cloaking or breaking their rules I understand rebills can't be run on them.

Can Nutra CPS or Clickbank offers be ran? What other verticals are recommended?

Clickbank pretty hard to profit.Nutra, if you have a lot of experience, yes.High end CPS-offers. Try

Spy Tools

Is there someone who use any Mobile Ad Spy Tools. Which one is better to see Popup and Banner ad formats of streaming traffic ?

Try AdPlexity, its near 200 per month but also give good information about ads

Rising Facebook's budget

How much % rising, and what time periods?

There is no special plan. As for me, better to raise for 50% per day, but someone raise for 10% every few hours.  Сonsidering the fact of difference in moderation better to make split tests . But Im sure that you should not rise for more than x2 per day if you work from new account)