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The Potential Of Affiliate Marketing As A Home Based

With more than 15 million Americans now running Home Based Businesses, what are the benefits, if any, to choosing an Affiliate Marketing Program as a part-time Internet Business!

Affiliate Marketing Programs are a great way for anybody to start a home-based Internet business. They offer a ...

Dynamic URL VS Static URL in SEO

If we consider it from from SEO position, what URL is better: dynamic or static?

I found out the following reasons to use Static URL:

Easy to copy & paste, there's lower chance of damaging URL’s integrity (e.g. cutting off the end).

High keyword relevance.


Both work, if you make the URL structure SEO-friendly. Dynamic URL can be helpful, if you have a great number of pages - just implement rule-based SEO techniques.

Website speed optimization


I create a website about women's lifehacks (I think you understand why I chose this niche). But my problem is in slow loading... I want to solve it. So I'll be glad to get any advices from you

I can give you the most important tips:1) Buy a faster server.2) Keep your requests to minimum.About №2 you should understand this:Press F12 in your chrome and go to the networks tab and you could see the number of requests being loaded. Remember, 1 request of 10kb will load faster will load faster than 2 requests of 5kb each (server response time).So, as others have suggested, combine everything:- combine CSS files into one big file-combine JS files into one big file.- combine images (where ever possible)

Adwords approved my ad campaign for 3 days

Adwords approved my ad campaign, it was active for 3 days and then account has a violation of the "Bypass System" rule. What was the reason for it?

so this is the reason

“Invest the amount if lost you can digest” - interview with Vivek Sancheti who made 5 million page views in 10 months

Indian digital industry is rich with well-known specialists in various branches. Our today’s guest is Vivek Sancheti, experienced product manager & web-developer, co-founder at CryptoGround.com and EYUVA Technologies (Quotes.Pub, etc.). Following the interests of our audience, we’re going to ...

Facebook Tests Paid Subscriptions For Groups

Facebook starts Testing Paid Subscriptions for Groups. Admins charge 5-30$ per month for access to special sub-Groups full of exclusive posts. FB Groups product manager Alex Deve said “It’s not so much about making money as it is investing in their community”, but I am gonna make money with it! ...

This is not the first time that Facebook has experimented with subscriptions. In March, the social network began testing a "support option" for video creators with a monthly subscription 

Looking for recommendation: need a good tool for SEO audit

I've been using IBP (Internet Business Promoter) almost for 3 years and I'm thinking now it's time to change it as its software seems to be a bit outdated in the modern conditions. I need the tool to do SEO audit of my site. It would be great if the tool had the feature that I like so much in ...

Ahrefs is really good one, love its intuitive design. They have 7-day trial for 7$.


According to Flurry Analytics, average mobile users spend 5 hours per day using their smartphones. Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic since 2016. Make sure your mobile LP is engaging: it must capture user’s attention at once and more than that - keep it.

Single out your CTA ...

No, as you can put in video many other elements from your page and to off-load it in such a way. This help keep balance

Case puzzle: How to drive more traffic to your website using World cup current topic?

Hi everyone!

Its my first post here and I want to share my experience with you - how I'm milking traffic right now. I created a simple LP: You can make articles about "how to watch world cup 2018", some interesting facts about players or anything related. Then you can get 1 of the posts ...

thanks for sharing, could you tell me please what about DMCA? Is it ok to stream? 

Cross-linking for better Google rating

I need your kind advice, buddies. I'm currently running several websites as my company offers different services and products for the customers. Four of them have very strong backlink profiles while the others are new. I think cross-linking can help boost the new ones, am I right? Can Google ...

Be very cautious with this. Some SEOers can do this, if their trust is extremely high. But I wouldn't recommend it to you.  When you start performing a linkwheel manipulation, you might be penalized. And if one of your sites gets penalized, then you just give the list of all your sites to Google.If your niche is whitehat you could probably get away with this, but I wouldn't risk all my sites!