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New push notification ad formats, SmartCPM and 7-figure settlement cheques - interview with Anton Merkulov, PropellerAds

Vadim Korepov: Hi, Anton! Earlier PropellerAds was the biggest Popunder traffic source. What positions do you occupy on the market now?

Anton Merkulov: Hi, Vadim! There are quite a lot of strong market players, but we still have the biggest volumes of traffic. Our market is ...

Shopping bag stickers in Instagram Stories!

Hey, mates, just want to share the news:) Instagram now gives the opportunity to link the products in stories with a help of new shopping stickers. Earlier that feature was available only in posts, now you can use it in stories too. Adding shopping bag stickers allows the users to view the ...

I don't believe this feature can significantly increase your conversion rate

Affiliate secrets by Udit Verma: from smartlink anatomy to ad fraud detection

Recently Traffic Cardinal had the chance to interview Udit Verma, Indian digital specialist and cofounder at “vNative”. His team develops performance marketing software for affiliate networks and advertisers, that helps run marketing campaigns, manage relations with publishers, monitor creatives ...

wow...such a detailed Smartlink analysis

How to get free passes for MAC Kiev?

Guys, MAC Autumn Edition is coming!

Together with Leadbit and Mobytize , Traffic Cardinal is organizing affiliate conference in Kiev on the 3rd of October, 2018.

As usual, special conditions are available for TC users. We offer 100% discount for a Gold pass , which allows to ...

Can I set up filters in AdWords account?

I'm kind of new into CPA business. I launched ad campaign for my YouTube channel with AdWords. I want to set it in such a way, that my video ad is shown to user only once. I don't want my ad to show up again if the person doesn't care. Where can I find this? TIA.

Sure, you can. Click the "Campaign" tab, then select filter menu, which is above your stats table, then click "create filter" and choose the parameters

Catering niche: monetization on Tripadvisor

Hello, Experts!

My client asked me to advertise his recently opened restaurant in the center of tourist area. I’ve been thinking about the right platform - where to buy traffic. I’ve studied several articles and reviews, and came to the conclusion that Tripadvisor is a good option. It has ...

Use Zomato and food delivery apps. Give a small discount for a review. It works 100%

How to get leads from LinkedIn profiles?

Hi, fellas. I'm working for a company and have a corporate account with a decent number of connections - around 5K. I'm building an email scraper now, so I need to get emails from LinkedIn profiles. I'm new to this network, do you have any ideas how to carry it out? I'm sure there are some ...

Hey, you don't need special software for this! Go to All connections - Import/Export connections - Export Data. You'll receive an Excel file by email. 

Ad picture analysis

Does anyone know about "Ebates"? They have food delivery affiliate program, I try to push the traffic on it. From the beginning I faced the problem with making good picture for my ad campaign. Here is my ad creative:

What can you say guys? I think it looks stupid, but I don't know how to ...

thanks bro

Is it worth moving from AdWords to Yahoo Gemini?

Everyone knows that Big Brother G has high-quality traffic, but sometimes its policy is too aggressive. So, I’ve been thinking about equivalents for advertising activities. Let’s discuss Yahoo Gemini.

I've googled this topic and found out the following benefits:

Ok, everything is ...

Why wouldn't you try social media? I believe Instagram is perfect for your niche, I mean it has the key active audience.

Case puzzle: IG target ad doesn't convert

Hi, everyone! A month ago I started an ad campaign on Instagram for a client specializing in graphic design. I bought 30 accounts 3-4 month old. I used Jarvee to get more followers and got good results: about 100 new followers a day per acc. The client is freelance designer and my task is to ...

Think about a small bonus for customers, e.g. free consultation. Or something interesting on the client's website can work, like a tool creating simple design