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FB Ads manager account doesn't work after verification

Hello And Assalam walekum!

Guys help me! I was posting for one of my client on FB business page from my AdManager account for the last 3 months and now I won't be in office for 1 month. I login from another desk top, but it asked me to verify, I uploaded my pic but it's been almost 3 days ...

its whitehat

Beauty Ads on Pinterest

Hi, folks! I’m going to launch my first traffic campaign on Pinterest. Its tactic consists in redirecting users from your Pinterest ad directly to your website. In this case you pay per click. Pinterest stats claims that women form 70 % of their audience. Is it a good platform to advertise ...

What geo do you target? Pinterest is great for beauty ads, just make sure women use it in your country

MAC: Immediately to the point - where are the reports?

The long-awaited AdWords Workshop by Mr Mozart (MAC18) + presentation

The sensational MAC remained in March, Moscow frosts left us with weakened under our feet, in light NB and at high speed, we already rush through the summer days. We plan to buy shorts for vacation, ...

Taboola for traffic acquisition

Hey, buddies! Does anyone use Taboola for traffic acquisition? I heard it's a good source of cheap traffic, especially if you're targeting Asian locations. Can you share your experience? Is it reliable? TIA

I'm using Revcontent - a really good option for teaser ads. You can work here at CPC and CPM strategies. No scam

Build your Twitter marketing strategy

First and most important thing about each social media platform - we must follow unique content strategy on each source even within one brand. It’s not a good idea to post the same content on different networks, because such tactic can have a negative impact on social engagement and ...


Hi, everyone! During the last week I have heard several times about snapchat ads. I have some followers there, but I need to get more traffic. There are also no hashtags, tags, or reposts as you know, so I should use other social medias. The question is: how to make followers from social media ...

 You can use snapchat to post photo or video with promo codes for discounts and special offer, cause it  expire after 24 hours and once they are gone they are gone forever

Get more traffic with 9 awesome WordPress plugins

Do you have WordPress-based blog or website? Here’s review of the most useful plugins that can really increase your daily traffic.

Check your SEO strategy before posting content. View how your future post will look in Google search. You can also change it here: the title, URL, ...

My fave WP plugin is "Jetpack". Just everything in one place: design, SEO, security, statistics and other useful tools. Strongly recommend it!

Review: Parallel Tracking as AdWords must-opt trend

Earlier this year Google launched parallel tracking as new Adwords experience. This function is designed to boost ad’s loading time, and as the result, it must lower website’s bounce rate. What’s most important, all AdWords accounts will be obliged to use parallel tracking, as Google stands up ...

Yup, I've tested it too, though haven't noticed any visible changes

Microsoft's Bing will block crypto-related ads by July

Microsoft is going to join Google and Facebook in crypto-banning policy. They have already announced it officially in their blog: "“Because cryptocurrency and related products are not regulated, we have found them to present a possible elevated risk to our users with the potential for bad actors ...

Try buysellads.com

OMG...FB bans even lifesaving equipment services

All you have to do is to check compliance box and select the option saying that you would only post ads that comply with all of the anti-discrimination laws. Suppose in such a way FB  absolves itself in case of a lawsuit. Had the same experience recently.