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Get more traffic with 9 awesome WordPress plugins

Do you have WordPress-based blog or website? Here’s review of the most useful plugins that can really increase your daily traffic.

Check your SEO strategy before posting content. View how your future post will look in Google search. You can also change it here: the title, URL, ...

My fave WP plugin is "Jetpack". Just everything in one place: design, SEO, security, statistics and other useful tools. Strongly recommend it!

Review: Parallel Tracking as AdWords must-opt trend

Earlier this year Google launched parallel tracking as new Adwords experience. This function is designed to boost ad’s loading time, and as the result, it must lower website’s bounce rate. What’s most important, all AdWords accounts will be obliged to use parallel tracking, as Google stands up ...

Yup, I've tested it too, though haven't noticed any visible changes

Microsoft's Bing will block crypto-related ads by July

Microsoft is going to join Google and Facebook in crypto-banning policy. They have already announced it officially in their blog: "“Because cryptocurrency and related products are not regulated, we have found them to present a possible elevated risk to our users with the potential for bad actors ...

Try buysellads.com

OMG...FB bans even lifesaving equipment services

All you have to do is to check compliance box and select the option saying that you would only post ads that comply with all of the anti-discrimination laws. Suppose in such a way FB  absolves itself in case of a lawsuit. Had the same experience recently.

Messenger bot vs email marketing

Messenger marketing has become a popular trend in digital sphere. It demonstrates better results in comparison with email marketing. On average only 20-30% of addressees open advertising emails and only 1% of them follow the links and convert. Moreover, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo struggle ...

I tried chatbot in fb messenger and I wouldn't say that it's effective marketing tool. Users tend to ignore it as well as emails.

Why SEO is important for your online business:

Search engine optimization (SEO) , do you think that SEO is just about understanding google? Or any other search engine? If you think so you are completely wrong. It’s about understanding the people and what they are looking for!

At golden age of yellow pages, if you are looking for an ...

As I can see, you're  SEO  guy. Could you please tell me, does using htaccess to hide site directories harm SEO? 

Adwords ad isn’t shown by main keywords

Hi everyone! I started pushing up Adwords traffic. The problem is: the ad isn’t shown by main keywords. Moderation says:”Another ad from the group was selected instead of this ad. The publication might be declined for other reasons”. I tried to find some info about it in other sources, but there ...

There was such question some time ago, but I don't remember how it was solved.  Keyword status says: "We can't define the reason why your ad hasn't been published". Usually such status leads to ban, but there hasn't been any pop-up during 7 hours. Is it glitch, ban or a check-up?

Rule of 59 seconds: why visitors leave your website

Nielsen Norman Group found out that usually visitors stay on the website no longer than 59 seconds. You have only this short time to grab user’s attention. If your bounce rate is too high (higher than 60 %), check the following list of possible reasons and make sure your site is well-built and ...

Check Google Analytics setup. Add the tracking codes to all the pages on your site

7 ways to enhance your AdWords landing page experience

Landing page experience is AdWords’ measure that evaluates how well your website corresponds to what people are searching when they click your ad.

Let’s examine the factors that can help you improve your landing page experience.

Optimize your PPC landing pages. Test ...

Facebook Ads Manager for Excel

Hi everyone! Has anyone already tried Facebook Ads Manager for Excel? I have a problem with integration of my fb account with excel

Make sure you're using the latest version of Exсel, check system requirements