Using parked domain in FB ads.

Hello! I’ve used parked domain on one of my FB ads and my account was banned. Can I use this domain in my new account?

 It always different

Unusual Reach Stats

I created an ad with 4 different pictures and 1 text , so it created 4 unique ads each with a different picture to test the effectiveness of the various images.

I get very unusual Reach Stats :

Ad 1: 1

Ad 2: 7

Ad 3: 4

Ad 4: 532

It made me think that Facebook ...

”Bypass system” ban on Google Adwords.

Tell me please what reasons for getting the ban "bypass system"? I work with whitehat offer. It's a online shop of Wrist Watch. I pushed up traffic for 1 day and got the ban ...

An inside look: Indian MAC by Traffic Cardinal & Leadbit

On the 9th of February India Affiliate Conference took place in Leela Ambience Hall. This event was made by Traffic Cardinal and Leadbit . So, here some information and my thoughts about it.

Delhi - is our first international stop and it was quite exciting to do big event in big country. ...

I hope I'll be able to visit MAC this year. Its a pity I couldn't attend this meetup, but thanks for posting speeches!

Using bridge page with FB ads

Does anyone knows is the FB ads + bridge page model can still be successful? Who is still use this model to convert affiliate sales ?

yes, I use many pages (one for each niche)

CPC goes up after raising the budget

I wanna run a campaign for likes and intend to get it for 2 cents/like. The problem is, after spending much on testing and finally getting it for 2 cents, whenever I try to increase the budget the CPC goes up as well. What can I do to avoid this and maintain the CPC after raising the budget? ...

The best you can do is to start a new adsets . with a new budget. Let it run until it has the same results , or increase the budget every 2-3 days in small augmentation ($1-2 per day) so Facebook adapts before ruining the data and CPC.

Amazon Affiliate links in Google Adwords

Is it alright to promote Amazon Affiliate links with Google Adwords?

Better if you build out a site

Using CPM on Google adsense


I have an issue with google adsense during using it for 1 month and for this period my website got around 2.5 million ad Impressions. I only managed to get £700 for this and its low for me. The main share of traffic is from US, Canada and UK.

So I want to ask: is it ...

I would choose Taboola for native and Admaven for popunder, both give higher CPM rates

Using affiliate links on “Click Here” button.

Im noob in affiliate marketing. When I make a FB Ad and create “Click here” button on my landing page, can I use directly link to the affiliate link’s url? or it's preferably to use a shortener such as or something similar? Thank you!

I use shorteners or a tracker. They give you information of how many clicks are going through the landing to the final offer.Also, I like using Facebook custom events to know when a click happens using Google Tag Manager.

Ads in instastories. Video size

I want to run an ad in instaStories, a video with a profile in it. Accordingly, first you need to put the video in the story from the account of the insta, and then import it from the profile when creating and declaring it in Ads Manager. The problem: when I import, I find that the video size ...

Check out requirements and recomends more closely