7 ways to enhance your AdWords landing page experience

TGun написал 16.05.2018
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Landing page experience is AdWords’ measure that evaluates how well your website corresponds to what people are searching when they click your ad.

Let’s examine the factors that can help you improve your landing page experience.

  1. Optimize your PPC landing pages. Test your SEO using the tool “Woorank”

  2. Use strategy of single keyword ad groups. Create an ad group for each keyword with different landing pages within your AdWords account. If you have hundreds of keywords, use a tool “Dynamic text insertion”. It makes a single landing page template that modifies the text, so that each landing page matches keyword.

  3. Boost your landing page load speed. Check it with Google’s tool “PageSpeed insights”. The program provides you with a report that tells how to improve the load speed of your landing page.

  4. Stay trustworthy. Link contact information from your website, “about us” section, terms, policy and conditions.

  5. Offer insightful, practical and unique content.

  6. Make site navigation easy and mobile-friendly. Don’t irritate users with pop-ups.

  7. Give information about your products or services before asking customers to fill in the forms.

Improve your landing page experience and, in perspective, you’ll see higher AdWords Quality Score.


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