Catering niche: monetization on Tripadvisor

hexengon написал 07.06.2018
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Hello, Experts!

My client asked me to advertise his recently opened restaurant in the center of tourist area. I’ve been thinking about the right platform - where to buy traffic. I’ve studied several articles and reviews, and came to the conclusion that Tripadvisor is a good option. It has high quality traffic - people looking for recommendations and intending to make a reservation. Moreover, Tripadvisor is highly ranked by Google and it usually occupies top positions if you search restaurants somewhere. So, I thought to make a sponsored placement on Tripadvisor, which offers CPC payment model. The only problem is in the pricing policy. It seems to be too expensive and I’m not sure if it justifies spent budget. What do you think, guys? Who has experience in catering affiliate marketing, please share what networks you use. I'm looking for quality traffic for reasonable price, as the client pays me for conversions only.


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