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MediaVenus is a strong native advertising network that has been working in online advertising sphere for more than 4 years now.

Need some quality traffic for CPA and CPL offers? You are in good hands! We offer a wide range of adjustable account settings, which allows you to get the maximum profit from your advertising campaign.

Targeting comes first:

  • GEO
  • Offer categories
  • Gender
  • Device
  • Operating system
  • Mobile operators
  • Browser type
  • Browser Language
  • Time slot
  • IP


Russia and the CIS – native ads

Other countries – native ads and banners

We are working on developing new advertising formats for our network.

Payment methods should be no surprise to you: CPC for Russia, the CIS and other countries, CPM for other countries only.

To run advertising campaign with maximum convenience MediaVenus offers customization:

  • Whitelists and blacklists – if you want to be on the safe side we have ready-to-use whitelists with top-end websites and blacklists with websites with unsuitable traffic
  • Full open real time statistics
  • Individual bids, meaning when you run an advertising campaign you can set lower or higher price for certain websites based on their conversion rates
  • 24/7 support

Multi-level bot protection system guarantees you clean traffic and our support is ready to help you with launching and running your campaign.

More info about MediaVenus network, media buying and monetizing in our blog on Medium.

MediaVenus chat in Telegram, the place to go to ask our support any questions you have and chat to other advertisers and webmasters.

And, of course, our Facebook page.


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