How to use Pixel at advertising products from various niches?

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Pallavi написал 03.02.2018

Customers who have niche shops, selling similar products can build up their facebook pixel.. And when they advertise new but similar products, to new people, the pixel will use the audience information it has acquired before to more effectively target the right people ( people like those who had interested in those similar products before).

The question is, if I have a general store, selling products from various niches, will the pixel become confused?

For example let’s say I sell clothes for cats and I sell Office equipment and my pixel has fired numerous times from sales of each of those types of products, gaining A.E for both. When I go to FB and try advertise a new cays dress to the right target audience, will it utilize the A.I it’s got from the office equipment? If YES in this case it's ineffective… OR I also need to do some type of targeting myself?

whether it’s a custom audience or a lookalike audience, will the pixel know which of its A.I to utilize?



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