MAC 2019. A few words about the conference and long-awaited video speeches

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A month ago we held one of the biggest annual conferences in the realm of affiliate marketing - MAC Moscow. It gathered webmasters, advertisers, affiliates and other affiliate specialists in one place. With each passing year MAC is becoming more and more grandiose. More companies, more speakers, more foreign guests and more our countrymen. This year there were 3370 attendees including 180 representatives from different companies. There were also guests from such exotic countries, as Seychelles, Lebanon and Macedonia. We are thrilled to announce that two more MAC conferences will be held this year: MAC India in Delhi on September 3 and MAC Kyiv on October 8. Book your conference pass right now at the lowest price.

This time everyone had enough time to network and meet new business partners, because the conference lasted 2 days. More than that, conference guests met each other at numerous parties organized by our partners.

At the same time top speakers shared their unique approaches with the audience and set the trends. At last, the videos of those speeches are ready for publication. Please turn on subtitles and choose English auto-translate.

Valeriy Lyubushkin: E-commerce and affiliate marketing in 2019

Ilya Tkachenko: monetization of different verticals, Push and Facebook traffic

Anton Merkulov: Push-traffic. Trends, case studies and tips how to set an ad campaign

Ivan Doruda: Native Ads as the future of performance marketing

Panel discussion: Traffic and verticals

Roman Puzat: Traffic informational websites in up-to-date realities

Traffic Captain (Andy Wulmer): 20 years of money-making in adult niche

Anton Voystrikov and Ksenia Em: How to drive traffic from Facebook to mobile CPA apps in 2019

Artem Prokofiev: How to double the revenue from RevShare in gambling niche without increasing website traffic

Ilya Marchenko: Affiliate marketing in betting niche

Discussion panel: Gambling & Betting

Anna Samarkina: Criteria of affiliate network efficiency. Affiliate trends in E-commerce

Sergey Gamolya: How to drive traffic in the USA and Brazil. Nonstandard audiences in Edu niche

Sergey Serdyukov: A team that you deserve - team media buying

Mikhail Svinarev. Long-term work abroad: tactics and practice worth $XXXXX

Roman Yatsik: How to make money on Sweepstakes from Facebook and Google Ads

Vitaliy Stetsenko. How to promote Nutra on Google Ads in 2019: from farming to scaling

Raphael Gabitov. Real test: 300

Discussion Panel: Super Affiliates

Don't miss upcoming MAC conferences: MAC India in Delhi on September 3 and MAC Kyiv on October 8. Book your tickets at conference websites at the lowest price, join the show!


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