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Isabelle написал 10.08.2018

As you know, every new platform is a gold mine for an internet marketer. At the moment we can say Snapchat belongs to this category as it’s not overcrowded yet.

Please pay attention to its demographic statistics: most Snapchat users are under the age of 25, so it’s really good for promoting things which are dedicated for younger generation.

The second important factor is your target location. The network gained its popularity in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, the UAE, Qatar and what’s surprising, Saudi Arabia.

My method is simple. I haven't invented anything new or extraordinary, but it works well in my country - France. Currently I work for a client who owns pizza delivery restaurant situated close to college. I targeted that specific location and young people aged 17-22. Each week we create different promo actions offering a discount for a pizza in Snapchat Stories . Our creatives contain promo codes and phone number or address / website. Too much information is not recommended, just keep it simple, vivid and clear.

Example of one of the Snaps that I used to create Snapchat Story campaign

You can say that Instagram is perfect for such campaigns, but I believe that it’s much easier to reach your key audience and get expected leads on Snapchat. Competition is not so tight here yet and the engagement rate is really high (typical of all fresh platforms). If you have any marketing experience with Snapchat, please share. It would be great to learn from Snapchat experts.


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