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Is it worth moving from AdWords to Yahoo Gemini?

Everyone knows that Big Brother G has high-quality traffic, but sometimes its policy is too aggressive. So, I’ve been thinking about equivalents for advertising activities. Let’s discuss Yahoo Gemini.

I've googled this topic and found out the following benefits:

Ok, everything is ...

Why wouldn't you try social media? I believe Instagram is perfect for your niche, I mean it has the key active audience.


Hi, everyone! During the last week I have heard several times about snapchat ads. I have some followers there, but I need to get more traffic. There are also no hashtags, tags, or reposts as you know, so I should use other social medias. The question is: how to make followers from social media ...

 You can use snapchat to post photo or video with promo codes for discounts and special offer, cause it  expire after 24 hours and once they are gone they are gone forever

Adwords ad isn’t shown by main keywords

Hi everyone! I started pushing up Adwords traffic. The problem is: the ad isn’t shown by main keywords. Moderation says:”Another ad from the group was selected instead of this ad. The publication might be declined for other reasons”. I tried to find some info about it in other sources, but there ...

There was such question some time ago, but I don't remember how it was solved.  Keyword status says: "We can't define the reason why your ad hasn't been published". Usually such status leads to ban, but there hasn't been any pop-up during 7 hours. Is it glitch, ban or a check-up?

Facebook Ads Manager for Excel

Hi everyone! Has anyone already tried Facebook Ads Manager for Excel? I have a problem with integration of my fb account with excel

Make sure you're using the latest version of Exсel, check system requirements

The cost of twitter ads

Does anybody use Twitter Ads Manager? I think it's a good alternatives to Facebook Ads. But I'm newbie at it . Can anyone help me? I want to Promote tweet, but can't find this option in manager. I see there 4 target segments: age,gender, location and interests .What about cost per action? What ...

I know that twitter target people by key phrases used on their Tweets. You should upload a list of relevant keywords. This marketing capability allows you to reach your target audience when your business is most relevant to them.

Goal "Traffic" or "Conversions"?

Help me to understand. I decided to work with fb. somewhere I heard that you first need to choose the purpose of "traffic", such as to make the FB understand what traffic I need, and then go for conversion. Is it so? Or you can immediately pour for a conversion?

For the first I recomend you start from traffic, that Fb will understand what type of audiense interest in your offer. After it try to work with conversions