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Which Google Adwords extensions can appear in your account automatically?

As many of the PPC experts have noticed, Google is not indifferent to ad extensions and is constantly testing more and more new items. So, at first the extensions of "Prices" and "Partner Addresses" became available, but there are also such ad extensions that appear only when the campaign meets ...

Adwords approved my ad campaign for 3 days

Adwords approved my ad campaign, it was active for 3 days and then account has a violation of the "Bypass System" rule. What was the reason for it?

so this is the reason

Can I set up filters in AdWords account?

I'm kind of new into CPA business. I launched ad campaign for my YouTube channel with AdWords. I want to set it in such a way, that my video ad is shown to user only once. I don't want my ad to show up again if the person doesn't care. Where can I find this? TIA.

Sure, you can. Click the "Campaign" tab, then select filter menu, which is above your stats table, then click "create filter" and choose the parameters

Is it worth moving from AdWords to Yahoo Gemini?

Everyone knows that Big Brother G has high-quality traffic, but sometimes its policy is too aggressive. So, I’ve been thinking about equivalents for advertising activities. Let’s discuss Yahoo Gemini.

I've googled this topic and found out the following benefits:

Ok, everything is ...

Why wouldn't you try social media? I believe Instagram is perfect for your niche, I mean it has the key active audience.

Review: Parallel Tracking as AdWords must-opt trend

Earlier this year Google launched parallel tracking as new Adwords experience. This function is designed to boost ad’s loading time, and as the result, it must lower website’s bounce rate. What’s most important, all AdWords accounts will be obliged to use parallel tracking, as Google stands up ...

Yup, I've tested it too, though haven't noticed any visible changes

Adwords ad isn’t shown by main keywords

Hi everyone! I started pushing up Adwords traffic. The problem is: the ad isn’t shown by main keywords. Moderation says:”Another ad from the group was selected instead of this ad. The publication might be declined for other reasons”. I tried to find some info about it in other sources, but there ...

There was such question some time ago, but I don't remember how it was solved.  Keyword status says: "We can't define the reason why your ad hasn't been published". Usually such status leads to ban, but there hasn't been any pop-up during 7 hours. Is it glitch, ban or a check-up?

7 ways to enhance your AdWords landing page experience

Landing page experience is AdWords’ measure that evaluates how well your website corresponds to what people are searching when they click your ad.

Let’s examine the factors that can help you improve your landing page experience.

Optimize your PPC landing pages. Test ...

Google Customer Match for marketers

Customer Match is Google's equivalent of Facebook Custom Audiences, that uses email addresses to target PPC ads and displays them across Gmail, Search, Shopping and YouTube.

First, it gives you incredible scope. You can re-engage with your clients using contact information they have ...

Thanks:) useful info

VCC for Adwords

Need canadian VCC for Adwords.. Who can help ?


Google Adwords Display Network Conversion Rates

We have had quite a bit of variance in client conversion rate results when using the Google Adwords Display Network VS the Google Adwords Search With Display Select Network.

Has anyone else had a similar experience. We would like to hear your insights.

Since you are targeting different people in different stages, your message usually needs to be different than on search. That means that you should never mix search and display together. In many cases, you may want to take those clicks to a different page. It's all in how you do things. When executed properly, you can have conversion rates just as good as on search.