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”Bypass system” ban on Google Adwords.

Tell me please what reasons for getting the ban "bypass system"? I work with whitehat offer. It's a online shop of Wrist Watch. I pushed up traffic for 1 day and got the ban ...

Well another solution is if you are working on 2 or 3 tier counries dont hesitate to try bing. Bing does allow bridge and gets you some quality traffic. 

Amazon Affiliate links in Google Adwords

Is it alright to promote Amazon Affiliate links with Google Adwords?

Better if you build out a site

How to get more traffic to my website cheaper?

Hello everyone,

One Month ago I start to drive traffic to my sites (I have 2) I used Facebook ads and Adwords . I have spent over 1000 dollars on both and I only made 12 sales.This revenue can only cover the advertisement cost , so I'm making a loss for every item sold.

My site ...

U should work on your target audience. Imagine who’s your ideal buyer? Once you answer that, next step is to find: a)Where do they spend their time? (sites,  magazines, forums, shops and other) b)Focus on your selling point (quality and performance) and reach the people that would care about thisc)Try to guest posts on thematic blogs, and fill in your own website blog.

Affiliate links from ClickBank

i'm new in this PPC site and i want to know that adword really ban the affiliate programs or i can still make a campaign using my affiliate link generated from CLICKBANK , CJ etc