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Why You're Not Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

🙂You have a poor starter strategy: You're basically throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. You don't know how to find profitable campaigns, choose offers, no proper optimization process, etc etc. This is an AWFUL strategy and will only result in a big loss of money. Learn to set ...

Long wolf mentality is pretty much evident in every geo, especially the region that I belong from. Its all about caring for each other. Give Value and Take Value. Always remember one thing the other affiliate has failed 100 times to win once. So respect it. 

Following Exoclick meetup. Join us at MAC Kiev!

A few days ago AWE2018 came to an end, where many private meetups were conducted. One of those which I attended was Exclusive Cocktail Party from ExoClick . There is no sense to talk about gained experience, new acquaintances, the atmosphere - it's quite difficult to describe by words.Try to ...

Tools that a successful affiliate should use in 2018

So my first post on Traffic Cardinal and I really want it a value add for everyone on this platform.

The definitive tools that any affiliate should use in 2018.

These are some tools that no successful aff will ever reveal. So keep that likes rollin!

1. Adplexity (If you are ...

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