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How to work with ClickBank? Part1.

If you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing, it can be a bit daunting for you to find a good affiliate network. Here is a small presentation of another efficient platform - Clickbank.

What is ClickBank?

Many people think that ClickBank is another affiliate ...

Useful information for noobs. Tutorial about adding pixel is what I really need

Is ClickBank still alive? Promoting ClickBank products on Facebook.


Is here anyone who tried to promote ClickBank products? Can I sell CB offers on Facebook? Comment please or pm me ;)

Yes, you can sell them . on FB using bridge page or sometimes with direct link

Affiliate links from ClickBank

i'm new in this PPC site and i want to know that adword really ban the affiliate programs or i can still make a campaign using my affiliate link generated from CLICKBANK , CJ etc

Best verticals for Bing

What's the best verticals to be run on Bing whitehat? Not into cloaking or breaking their rules I understand rebills can't be run on them.

Can Nutra CPS or Clickbank offers be ran? What other verticals are recommended?

Clickbank pretty hard to profit.Nutra, if you have a lot of experience, yes.High end CPS-offers. Try cj.com