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Google Adwords Display Network Conversion Rates

We have had quite a bit of variance in client conversion rate results when using the Google Adwords Display Network VS the Google Adwords Search With Display Select Network.

Has anyone else had a similar experience. We would like to hear your insights.

Since you are targeting different people in different stages, your message usually needs to be different than on search. That means that you should never mix search and display together. In many cases, you may want to take those clicks to a different page. It's all in how you do things. When executed properly, you can have conversion rates just as good as on search.

Goal "Traffic" or "Conversions"?

Help me to understand. I decided to work with fb. somewhere I heard that you first need to choose the purpose of "traffic", such as to make the FB understand what traffic I need, and then go for conversion. Is it so? Or you can immediately pour for a conversion?

For the first I recomend you start from traffic, that Fb will understand what type of audiense interest in your offer. After it try to work with conversions