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Can I set up filters in AdWords account?

I'm kind of new into CPA business. I launched ad campaign for my YouTube channel with AdWords. I want to set it in such a way, that my video ad is shown to user only once. I don't want my ad to show up again if the person doesn't care. Where can I find this? TIA.

Sure, you can. Click the "Campaign" tab, then select filter menu, which is above your stats table, then click "create filter" and choose the parameters

Catering niche: monetization on Tripadvisor

Hello, Experts!

My client asked me to advertise his recently opened restaurant in the center of tourist area. I’ve been thinking about the right platform - where to buy traffic. I’ve studied several articles and reviews, and came to the conclusion that Tripadvisor is a good option. It has ...

Use Zomato and food delivery apps. Give a small discount for a review. It works 100%

Whitehat CPA offers

Hey everyone! Im looking for cpa network or any other contacts who can advice where to find whitehat cpa offers for Facebook

Most of things e-commerce are still white hat.

Getting installs from FB

Im promoting apps from CPA Networks. For the first I try to use Mobile News Feed with a link to site and spent big budget on facbook (it seems like wasting of money: a lot of impression but very few download). I heard about using Facebook’s targeting in conjunction with mobile app install ...

If you don’t have access to the app it’s hard because you can’t track the install or the event. That means you will buy  CPC and measuring on the backside (especially if you’re doing a CPA offer). FB doesn’t love direct affiliate marketing like that either so it’s a slippery slope. Best situation is to get the dev who employs you to grant access to their SDK ID so you can run proper ads. If you’re doing straight arbitrage stuff you’re going to have to use a separate tracking system to back out the installs