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How to use Pixel at advertising products from various niches?

Customers who have niche shops, selling similar products can build up their facebook pixel.. And when they advertise new but similar products, to new people, the pixel will use the audience information it has acquired before to more effectively target the right people ( people like those who ...

The way I understand the FB Pixel is that it makes a note of every user who have previously visited your site, so that when you go to advertise on Facebook, it will show your ads to previous visitors of the site. If the user comes to your site in May and browses for a bit - the pixel makes a note of this. And when  you decide to run an ad (e.g in August )- the pixel remembers users visited your site before , and FB is more likely to show your ad to those users than if you didn't have the pixel installed. This should work well, regardless of if you're a niche or just a general store.

How to get more traffic to my website cheaper?

Hello everyone,

One Month ago I start to drive traffic to my sites (I have 2) I used Facebook ads and Adwords . I have spent over 1000 dollars on both and I only made 12 sales.This revenue can only cover the advertisement cost , so I'm making a loss for every item sold.

My site ...

U should work on your target audience. Imagine who’s your ideal buyer? Once you answer that, next step is to find: a)Where do they spend their time? (sites,  magazines, forums, shops and other) b)Focus on your selling point (quality and performance) and reach the people that would care about thisc)Try to guest posts on thematic blogs, and fill in your own website blog.