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5 tips to increase your Facebook audience.

# 1: Collaborate with other page admins

Its a very effective way - to establish links with groups which have similar target audience. Among other things, you can provide each other cross-promo.

For example, if you have a page with an ice cream shop on Facebook, make friends with a ...

Add the "Like" button (plugin) to your site

Layout of images and graphics on fb banners.

Hi, bro!

If you have ever work with fb you know classic rules of making good ad picture.

1) Your banner must comply with the facebook rules which are depends on ad format.

There is only 1 rule which applies to all ad formats: 20% text - you know about tool ...

https://www1.warrington.ufl.edu/departments/mkt/docs/janiszewski/InfluencePrintAdv.pdfRead this. "The influence of Print Advertisement Organization on Affect Toward a Brand Name"

How to target shopaholics on FB?

Everyone knows that if you start set up target audience Facebook provides additional groups based on interests you had select. On the one hand, it helps to reach people who wouldn’t see your ad. On the other hand, it creates a problem: the ad is shown even to people who do not need it (in the ...

Good post! I also wanna add that  Its necessary to understand the words that will indicate the buyer. For example, I sell cosmetics. Then I need those who are interested in makeup and in same cosmetics brands Anastassia BH, MAC,  Urban Decay and others. These are buyers)

Tools for facebook


I am looking for tool for Facebook analytics of both my business page.

I would like to use a tool which has the option to filter data by month/day/week etc. and track over time.

1)Adespresso for A/B tests2)Agorapulse - full-suit management. It can track shares and mentions3)LikeAlyzer- quick analyze of your page4) MeetEdgar - helps you organize scheduled posts

Aliexpress affiliate program - 6 tips for successful sales


Today I start to work with Aliexpress partnership. I would like to share you my experience here.

As you know almost all products on the AliExpress are paid by the adverts. The amount of payment depends on the geography and category of goods.

All products in the ...

In my opinion you should be careful with AliExpress, because if someone has a bad experience with shop, indirectly they link that to your site.

Facebook Tests Paid Subscriptions For Groups

Facebook starts Testing Paid Subscriptions for Groups. Admins charge 5-30$ per month for access to special sub-Groups full of exclusive posts. FB Groups product manager Alex Deve said “It’s not so much about making money as it is investing in their community”, but I am gonna make money with it! ...

This is not the first time that Facebook has experimented with subscriptions. In March, the social network began testing a "support option" for video creators with a monthly subscription 

Case puzzle: How to drive more traffic to your website using World cup current topic?

Hi everyone!

Its my first post here and I want to share my experience with you - how I'm milking traffic right now. I created a simple LP: You can make articles about "how to watch world cup 2018", some interesting facts about players or anything related. Then you can get 1 of the posts ...

thanks for sharing, could you tell me please what about DMCA? Is it ok to stream? 

Ad picture analysis

Does anyone know about "Ebates"? They have food delivery affiliate program, I try to push the traffic on it. From the beginning I faced the problem with making good picture for my ad campaign. Here is my ad creative:

What can you say guys? I think it looks stupid, but I don't know how to ...

thanks bro

FB Ads manager account doesn't work after verification

Hello And Assalam walekum!

Guys help me! I was posting for one of my client on FB business page from my AdManager account for the last 3 months and now I won't be in office for 1 month. I login from another desk top, but it asked me to verify, I uploaded my pic but it's been almost 3 days ...

its whitehat

Facebook Ads Manager for Excel

Hi everyone! Has anyone already tried Facebook Ads Manager for Excel? I have a problem with integration of my fb account with excel

Make sure you're using the latest version of Exсel, check system requirements