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Which Google Adwords extensions can appear in your account automatically?

As many of the PPC experts have noticed, Google is not indifferent to ad extensions and is constantly testing more and more new items. So, at first the extensions of "Prices" and "Partner Addresses" became available, but there are also such ad extensions that appear only when the campaign meets ...

Adwords ad isn’t shown by main keywords

Hi everyone! I started pushing up Adwords traffic. The problem is: the ad isn’t shown by main keywords. Moderation says:”Another ad from the group was selected instead of this ad. The publication might be declined for other reasons”. I tried to find some info about it in other sources, but there ...

There was such question some time ago, but I don't remember how it was solved.  Keyword status says: "We can't define the reason why your ad hasn't been published". Usually such status leads to ban, but there hasn't been any pop-up during 7 hours. Is it glitch, ban or a check-up?

How to track placements on GDN?

Hey, whatsup! I have a question about GDN. I made an Display ads campaign, and targeting only by geo and gender. Now I need to pass the placement parameter to the tracker. But the Placements tab in my account is empty. Nearby there is a tab "Where ads show". What should I do for tracking ...

haha..classic noob's mistake

”Bypass system” ban on Google Adwords.

Tell me please what reasons for getting the ban "bypass system"? I work with whitehat offer. It's a online shop of Wrist Watch. I pushed up traffic for 1 day and got the ban ...

Well another solution is if you are working on 2 or 3 tier counries dont hesitate to try bing. Bing does allow bridge and gets you some quality traffic. 

Amazon Affiliate links in Google Adwords

Is it alright to promote Amazon Affiliate links with Google Adwords?

Better if you build out a site

Cloaking for Adwords

Hi everyone! Who knows what cloaking is better to use in Google Adwords?

It's better not to use any mass cloaking services as their pattern is easily detectable.If you're looking for a really good and long-term cloaking solution, hit me up on Skype: clkteam7 

Using CPM on Google adsense


I have an issue with google adsense during using it for 1 month and for this period my website got around 2.5 million ad Impressions. I only managed to get £700 for this and its low for me. The main share of traffic is from US, Canada and UK.

So I want to ask: is it ...

I would choose Taboola for native and Admaven for popunder, both give higher CPM rates