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Instagram develops online shopping app

Instagram is working on a new application dedicated to shopping. It will be called "IG Shopping" and will allow the service audience to view collections of goods from the sellers on which they are subscribed. It will also be possible to buy them directly in the application. Instagram declined to ...

is it true news? This app will be  good and useful for e-commerce 

Low engagement rate on IG? Increase it!

Here's the thread to boost your engagement rate on Instagram:

Scrape the list of your followers through any tool (list A)

Scrape the list of users who liked your 10 last posts. You can do it one by one manually. (list B).

Go to somacon.com and paste both your lists (A & ...

Sounds good, I will try it to revive my almost dead IG account:)

Instagram limits

Hello, friends!

I think most of you work with instagram (I mean botting). But there are lots of question about limits and messages about getting ban.

I prepared a list of instagram limits in 2018 for you:

Likes: 1 like in 28-36 seconds (make 1000 and give rest for 24 hours)


it looks like temporary ban, you should wait 2-3 days

Instagram metrics you need to track

Instagram - a powerful and good weapon for marketers. But you need to learn more about Instagram data analysis To know your target audience. Becouse The main thing is to know who your client is. The expenditure of resources on the wrong target audience does not make any sense. No money can ...

Best tool for this and other metrics, which can't be analyzed in business account statistics, is "Instagram Insights"

Instagram Shoutout as a high-quality source of traffic

Let’s assume you have an affiliate offer that you’d like to advertise. I’ll tell you how to use Instagram Shoutout which is one of the most effective and inexpensive methods.

If someone still doesn’t know what Insta Shoutout is, it’s a method when the publisher approaches an influencer ...

Yup, that's a good method, but it works for certain niches mostly. Basing on my experience, these are fashion, health & fitness, camping and trekking sports, gardening and art. 

Shopping bag stickers in Instagram Stories!

Hey, mates, just want to share the news:) Instagram now gives the opportunity to link the products in stories with a help of new shopping stickers. Earlier that feature was available only in posts, now you can use it in stories too. Adding shopping bag stickers allows the users to view the ...

I don't believe this feature can significantly increase your conversion rate

Campaign on instagram

Hey guys! Am I right if I going to run a campaign for Instagram audience, I need to create a new page for each offer? If yes what rules I should follow? Should I make new account, or better buy some old? Need I make posts there?

You need to create new account, only if you sell by mass-liking  or mass-following

Ads in instastories. Video size

I want to run an ad in instaStories, a video with a profile in it. Accordingly, first you need to put the video in the story from the account of the insta, and then import it from the profile when creating and declaring it in Ads Manager. The problem: when I import, I find that the video size ...

Check out requirements and recomends more closely

How to download a video from insta target?

I saw a good video creative in Ad, any idea how can I get it?

I'm afraid this is impossible. You can try do screen recording and then cut video