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Website speed optimization


I create a website about women's lifehacks (I think you understand why I chose this niche). But my problem is in slow loading... I want to solve it. So I'll be glad to get any advices from you

I can give you the most important tips:1) Buy a faster server.2) Keep your requests to minimum.About №2 you should understand this:Press F12 in your chrome and go to the networks tab and you could see the number of requests being loaded. Remember, 1 request of 10kb will load faster will load faster than 2 requests of 5kb each (server response time).So, as others have suggested, combine everything:- combine CSS files into one big file-combine JS files into one big file.- combine images (where ever possible)

How to get more traffic to my website cheaper?

Hello everyone,

One Month ago I start to drive traffic to my sites (I have 2) I used Facebook ads and Adwords . I have spent over 1000 dollars on both and I only made 12 sales.This revenue can only cover the advertisement cost , so I'm making a loss for every item sold.

My site ...

U should work on your target audience. Imagine who’s your ideal buyer? Once you answer that, next step is to find: a)Where do they spend their time? (sites,  magazines, forums, shops and other) b)Focus on your selling point (quality and performance) and reach the people that would care about thisc)Try to guest posts on thematic blogs, and fill in your own website blog.

Affiliate links from ClickBank

i'm new in this PPC site and i want to know that adword really ban the affiliate programs or i can still make a campaign using my affiliate link generated from CLICKBANK , CJ etc

Spy Tools

Is there someone who use any Mobile Ad Spy Tools. Which one is better to see Popup and Banner ad formats of streaming traffic ?

Try AdPlexity, its near 200 per month but also give good information about ads