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Affiliate secrets by Udit Verma: from smartlink anatomy to ad fraud detection

Recently Traffic Cardinal had the chance to interview Udit Verma, Indian digital specialist and cofounder at “vNative”. His team develops performance marketing software for affiliate networks and advertisers, that helps run marketing campaigns, manage relations with publishers, monitor creatives ...

wow...such a detailed Smartlink analysis

Loose conversion with using smartlink

Yesterday I started a mobile campaign with 6 Dating offers, Geo Indonesia, all with payout $ 0,90

For this moment I have 13 conversion, but on the network site I see my revenue is only $3.18. It's my first campaign with smartlink, before I worked only with a Single Offer

If you run a smartlink, then the aff network will detect the nature of your traffic (e.g. geo, carrier, OS, etc.) and send each visitor to the best-converting offer for that segment (geo+carrier+OS+etc.)