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Google Trends for local targeting and SEO

I'm sure most of you have already tried this Google's feature, so this guide will be useful mostly for newbies.

First, I'll give you an example of local targeting. Let's assume you're going to advertise online yoga course for your client. First of all, you need to choose proper GEO as it's ...

Yeah, it's good enough, but for keyword research and SEO it's better to use Ubersuggest, Word Stream, Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush.

How to target lookalike audience using email IDs

Hi, everyone! I wonder if it's possible to target FB profiles using email IDs. How can I carry it out?

I have a list of email IDs and my major aim is to target lookalike audience, but first, I need to implement those customers in my campaign on FB and target them as well. Any ideas?

Thank you, buddy! Did it as you suggested, everything is working well:)

The cost of twitter ads

Does anybody use Twitter Ads Manager? I think it's a good alternatives to Facebook Ads. But I'm newbie at it . Can anyone help me? I want to Promote tweet, but can't find this option in manager. I see there 4 target segments: age,gender, location and interests .What about cost per action? What ...

I know that twitter target people by key phrases used on their Tweets. You should upload a list of relevant keywords. This marketing capability allows you to reach your target audience when your business is most relevant to them.

How to download a video from insta target?

I saw a good video creative in Ad, any idea how can I get it?

I'm afraid this is impossible. You can try do screen recording and then cut video