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How to target shopaholics on FB?

Everyone knows that if you start set up target audience Facebook provides additional groups based on interests you had select. On the one hand, it helps to reach people who wouldn’t see your ad. On the other hand, it creates a problem: the ad is shown even to people who do not need it (in the ...

Good post! I also wanna add that  Its necessary to understand the words that will indicate the buyer. For example, I sell cosmetics. Then I need those who are interested in makeup and in same cosmetics brands Anastassia BH, MAC,  Urban Decay and others. These are buyers)

Google Customer Match for marketers

Customer Match is Google's equivalent of Facebook Custom Audiences, that uses email addresses to target PPC ads and displays them across Gmail, Search, Shopping and YouTube.

First, it gives you incredible scope. You can re-engage with your clients using contact information they have ...

Thanks:) useful info

Specialtys of work with male and female audience

I noticed the fact that almost all ads look rather look similar, they all have the same style.I heard thats its terrible mistake use the same ads for men and women. I know and understand the reason , but I always forget about it when I create new ads cambaingst. Actually I would like to ask you ...

I know the fact that lots of  women can cancel the order, when they get information about paying for delivery