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Taboola for traffic acquisition

Hey, buddies! Does anyone use Taboola for traffic acquisition? I heard it's a good source of cheap traffic, especially if you're targeting Asian locations. Can you share your experience? Is it reliable? TIA

I'm using Revcontent - a really good option for teaser ads. You can work here at CPC and CPM strategies. No scam

Get more traffic with 9 awesome WordPress plugins

Do you have WordPress-based blog or website? Here’s review of the most useful plugins that can really increase your daily traffic.

Check your SEO strategy before posting content. View how your future post will look in Google search. You can also change it here: the title, URL, ...

My fave WP plugin is "Jetpack". Just everything in one place: design, SEO, security, statistics and other useful tools. Strongly recommend it!

Goal "Traffic" or "Conversions"?

Help me to understand. I decided to work with fb. somewhere I heard that you first need to choose the purpose of "traffic", such as to make the FB understand what traffic I need, and then go for conversion. Is it so? Or you can immediately pour for a conversion?

For the first I recomend you start from traffic, that Fb will understand what type of audiense interest in your offer. After it try to work with conversions