Is it worth moving from AdWords to Yahoo Gemini?

Agnes_aff написал 05.06.2018
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Everyone knows that Big Brother G has high-quality traffic, but sometimes its policy is too aggressive. So, I’ve been thinking about equivalents for advertising activities. Let’s discuss Yahoo Gemini.

I've googled this topic and found out the following benefits:

  1. The marketplace performs rather impressive stats on its official page, like 2 billion ad impressions per day or 1 billion active users per month.
  2. Gemini offers a wide range of ad formats, which is a great advantage for me. It means it can suite various niches. Here’re possible options:(Search ad, Image ad, Video ad, App install ad, Tumblr-sponsored post, Carousel ad, Mail ad).
  3. Integration with AdWords. There’s “Import campaign” button, that allows publishers to synchronize both accs. You can see here your AdWords bids, budgets, keywords, etc. For me this function is utterly useful.
  4. The platform is user-friendly. People say it’s easy to launch and manage an ad campaign here.

Ok, everything is clear and looks alluring. But the main question is: what’s about its ban-policy? Some experts assert it’s more loyal in comparison with Google or Facebook. On terms & conditions page I found standard info: “Yahoo does not allow sexually suggestive ad text, images or landing pages.” And this: “Yahoo does not allow ads with landing pages that feature sponsored links or other advertising as the main content; low quality, filler content; or where the primary purpose of the landing page appears to be arbitrage”. Please share your experience.

And the second thing that worries me: is Yahoo traffic really good? My current niche is swimwear and lingerie, what ad format is preferable?

I'm not sure if it’s worth moving from AdWords to Gemini, though sometimes Google drives me wild. Any pros and cons are welcome.


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