Terms of use

Use of the Information Portal trafficcardinal.com by the User means that the User accepts and agrees to comply with all of the following terms and conditions of this Agreement.

The administration of trafficcardinal.com reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement, which come into effect from the moment of publication. The text of the current version of the Agreement is always available at trafficcardinal.com/rules/.

Your continued use of trafficcardinal.com after making such changes means your acceptance of them.

Basic terms

The Site is a complex of electronic documents (files) placed in the network, united by a single theme, design and a single address space of the trafficcardinal.com domain. The start page of the Site is available in the Internet at http://www.trafficcardinal.com.

User of the website (User) is a person who has passed the Registration Procedure, received an individual login and / or password, and also has his / her Profile. For the purposes of the Terms of Use, the User is also understood as a person who has not passed the Registration Procedure, but accesses the Site and / or uses and / or uses it. Any person who accesses the Site automatically confirms that it is fully in accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Use and that the requirements established by the Terms of Use apply to it.

Administration of the Site (Administration) – trafficcardinal.com, which owns all relevant property rights to the Site, including the rights to the domain name of the Site, and administers it.

User account (Account) – the Internet space, protected by a password. Contains information about the user and the content generated by the User. The account contains personal and contact information of the User, including, but not limited to, e-mail address, skype login, personal website address.

Content – any informational-significant content of the information resource, including in the form of texts, reviews, comments, announcements, photos, videos, including news and other materials left by the user on the Site under his Account.

  1. Subject of the Terms of Use
    1. This Terms of Use (hereinafter the Agreement) is a legally binding agreement between trafficcardinal.com and the User and regulates the use of trafficcardinal.com services. The user is recognized as an individual who has duly joined this Agreement.
    2. The Agreement comes into force from the moment the User expresses consent to its terms through registration and is valid for the entire period of provision and use of the services.
  2. Limitation of responsibility of the Administration
    1. The Administration makes every possible effort to exclude from the Site negligent, inaccurate, offensive, untrue or knowingly incomplete information, however, ultimately, the responsibility for it lies with the persons who posted it.
    2. The Administration is not responsible for the fact that registered users are really the people for whom they issue themselves, and is not responsible for any damage caused to other persons.
    3. The user is notified and agrees that he is not entitled to file a claim against the Administrator in the event that he does not specify his personal data when registering, or indicate personal data that does not correspond to the data specified in the civil passport.
    4. Under no circumstances shall the Administrator be liable to the User or any third parties for any direct, indirect, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation caused by the use of the Site or the results of intellectual activity placed Online.
    5. The Administrator is not liable to the User or any third parties for:
      • User’s actions on the Site;
      • for the content and validity, reliability of the information used / received by the User on the Site;
      • for the authenticity of the advertising information used / received by the User on the Site, and the quality of the goods / works / services advertised therein;
      • for the consequences of the use of information used / received by the User on the Site.
    6. In the event that third parties submit claims to the Administrator related to the use of the Site by the User, the User undertakes to settle these claims with his own forces and at his own expense with third parties, protecting the Administrator from possible losses and proceedings.
  3. The Administration has the right:
    1. At any time, change the design of the Site, its Content, the list of services, modify or supplement the scripts, software and other objects used or stored on the Site;
    2. If necessary, send e-mail messages to Users about the use of the Site;
    3. Modify or delete any Content that violates this Agreement, and suspend, restrict or terminate the User's access to all or any of the sections or services of the Site with or without prior notice.
  4. The user has the right to:
    1. Place Content that does not contradict this Agreement;
    2. To contact the Administration of the Site in order to resolve disputable issues;
    3. Free to use the open content of the site, both editorial and user, for personal purposes, not associated with the purposes of obtaining commercial benefits. Access to the closed part of the site is carried out for a fee according to the established tariffs.
  5. The User undertakes to:
    1. Take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of your personal login and password for accessing the Site;
    2. Regularly get acquainted with the contents of this Agreement, in order to timely get acquainted with its changes.
    3. To bear full responsibility for any actions taken by the User using his Account, as well as for any consequences that might entail or entailed such use;
    4. The user, using this or that section of the site, undertakes to follow the rules of using this section of the site, if any exist and described in this section.
  6. The present Agreement on the Website prohibits:
    1. Place any advertisement, except for cases authorized by the Site Administration.
    2. To place commercial proposals, propaganda materials, distribute spam, any other intrusive information;
    3. Place any information that violates the rights of users or third parties to intellectual property;
    4. To harass, oppress, insult, persistently pursue or otherwise maliciously harass any physical or legal person, the user of the site;
    5. Double registration is prohibited (two or more nicknames). In the event that such a fact is revealed, the administration reserves the right to block it without warning and to punish the principal visitor's visitor.
    6. Upload, publish and otherwise transmit the following Content:
      1. illegal;
      2. offensive to other users and third parties;
      3. the vulgar, obscene, pornographic character;
      4. service character or not subject to disclosure;
      5. violating the rights of third parties;
      6. advertising character;
      7. containing threats, defamatory, discrediting information;
      8. fraudulent;
      9. propagandizing racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity, any other information that violates the rights of a person and citizen protected by law.
  7. Content Rights posted on the Site
    1. All the results of intellectual activity used and posted on the Site, as well as the Site itself, are the intellectual property of their legal owners and are protected by Russian intellectual property laws and relevant international legal conventions.
    2. No Content may be copied, reproduced, distributed, displayed in a frame, published, downloaded, transmitted, sold or otherwise used in whole or in part without the prior permission of the copyright owner, unless the copyright holder expressly consented to free use of the material by any person, except for the cases established by this Agreement, as well as the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
    3. The use of Content, to which the User has been granted access solely for personal non-commercial use, is allowed provided all the copyright (copyright) or other notifications of authorship are preserved, the author's name remains unchanged, and the work remains unchanged.
    4. All materials, the rights to which belong to the Administration of the Site trafficcardinal.com, can be reproduced in any media, on Internet servers or on any other media without any restrictions on the volume and terms of publication. This permission applies equally to newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television channels, websites and Internet pages. The only condition for reprinting and retransmitting is a direct link to the source trafficcardinal.com. No prior consent for reprinting from the publishers or authors of the Site is required.
    5. For Internet resources, an obligatory condition for any kind of citation is the placement of an active direct hyperlink at the end of the material.
    6. When reproducing materials, the processing of their original text is not allowed. Reduction or rearrangement of parts of the material is allowed, but only to the extent that it does not lead to a distortion of its meaning.
  8. Refund and cancellation policy
    1. In any time user may cancel a subscription for a paid services of trafficcardinal.com . The subscription will be canceled immediately when we receive a demand via email: info@trafficcardinal.com with the required fields:
      1. username;
      2. email address;
      3. phone number.
    2. When the request is sent, it means all the paid services of trafficcardinal.com will be paused immediately
    3. NOTE: when a cancellation request is sent in weekend or in holidays, the moderation of request will be arranged on the next working day after weekend / holidays.
    4. In case of charge during weekend / holidays with advanced forwarded cancellation request, 100% of charged amount will be refunded by same payment method and same card details.
    5. In the absence of money on a card account at the moment of charge, all the services will be paused while subscription is activated again.
  9. Final provisions
    1. The Agreement is a public offer, in accordance with Art. 435 Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The consent of the User to the terms of this Agreement (acceptance) is deemed to be the actual use of the Site, its services and the results of intellectual activity posted on it.
    2. The User and the Administration of the Site will try to resolve all the disputes and disagreements that have arisen between them by negotiation. If it is not possible to resolve disputes and disagreements through negotiations, they are subject to consideration in the appropriate court at the location of the Administration of the Site.