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Messenger bot vs email marketing

Peter_G Peter_G написал 22.05.2018
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Messenger marketing has become a popular trend in digital sphere. It demonstrates better results in comparison with email marketing. On average only 20-30% of addressees open advertising emails and only 1% of them follow the links and convert. Moreover, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo struggle against spam and spend millions of dollars on strategies that improve spam filters. That’s the reason why modern marketers turn their attention to messengers. Different platforms offer various technical opportunities. The most developed messengers are Facebook Messenger and Telegram, as they allow to embed functional and beautiful buttons. Skype and WhatsApp have more simple design, but rather impressive audience in many countries.

Recently the great shift has been noticed in user’s behaviour: now they spend more time in messengers, than in social networks. As opposed to email, messengers still have user’s trust. People are used to believe that all new messages appearing on the displays of their smartphones are worth their immediate attention.

Advantages of using messenger bots in comparison with email marketing:

  • bot is designed to answer immediately to a range of different questions;

  • it performs more specific information in short messages;

  • two-way interaction;

  • more client-oriented;

  • more attractive to the young audience;

  • high ROI;

  • high open rate: 80-90%;

  • high response rate: people are used to write answers in messengers;

Although it’s recommended to combine both methods, don’t underestimate the role of messengers in modern digital industry. Email marketing is still alive, but a high quality chatbot can boost your business rapidly.

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