Build your Twitter marketing strategy

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  1. First and most important thing about each social media platform - we must follow unique content strategy on each source even within one brand. It’s not a good idea to post the same content on different networks, because such tactic can have a negative impact on social engagement and number of the followers.

  2. Use Twitter tools to keep and enlarge your traffic. Numerous tools were developed to help manage Twitter accounts. You can now easily generate leads, find out more information about your audience, examine competitors, single out mainstream topics, edit and add images to the tweets and do many other things.

  3. Design catching Twitter profile. The most essential aspects are: brilliant bio with useful information (e.g. contacts), Twitter verification and a share button on your other platforms.

  4. Track mentions of your brand’s name, CEO’s name, keywords, industry influencers’ tweets. The following tools might help: Twitter Advanced Search, Social Mention and Tweet Reach.

  5. Post engaging tweets. Don’t forget about high-quality multimedia and hashtags.

  6. Tweet regularly and at right time. Do you know what time is the best for posting social media content? The industry experts believe the best timings are: 5-6 p.m. and 12 p.m. There are plenty of useful tools that can help schedule your tweets.

  7. Engage with your followers: respond, like, retweet, follow back.

  8. Use Twitter Moments.

  9. Launch an ad campaign on Twitter.

  10. Run a Twitter chat.

  11. Stream live video.

  12. Analyze results. Use Twitter Analytics or other tools.


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