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Готовые промты под гемблинг

Traffic Cardinal Traffic Cardinal написал 13.03.2024
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Использование ИИ сейчас — это неотъемлемая часть рабочего процесса арбитражников. Нейросети применяются во многих областях, но сегодня мы поговорим о креативах.

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С помощью промтов, которые мы собрали под вертикаль гемблинга, можно быстро сгенерировать практически готовые статичные крео или их отдельные элементы.

Некоторые ключи можно менять и таким образом получать новые изображения или уникализировать их.

Для их проверки и демонстрации результата мы использовали, но также пробовали и другие бесплатные сервисы: Playground, Stablediffusionweb и бот в ТГ Kandinsky.


Для привлечения внимания мужской аудитории можно использовать изображения девушек. В видеокреативах, например, часто применяют адалтный подход, а для статичных крео можно брать просто привлекательных девушек как более реалистичных, так и мультипликационных в сочетании с элементами тематики казино.

  1. lying in bed. Compose a captivating selfie of a beautiful Swedishwoman in her mid-20s, showcasing her blonde hair and radiant light blue eyes. Capture the essence of her youthful charm and create an image that resonates with the vibrancy and grace of a Nordic Beauty, background casino roulette table

  1. Realistic image of a young girl with long blond [цвет волос] hair, in a casino at a blackjack table in a cocktail dress, with playing cards [фишки/ монеты/ другие атрибуты казино] in her hands

  1. A beautiful young girl in a red cocktail dress, a roulette casino is spinning behind her back

  1. A realistic image of a young girl 20 years old with long red hair, a perfect figure, in a casino lies on a blackjack table in a cocktail dress, with playing cards in her hands

  1. A realistic image of a young girl of 20 years old with long red hair, a beautiful figure, lies on a blackjack table in a casino in a cocktail dress, with gaming chips and money in her hands

  1. Realistic image of a beautiful girl about 20 years old, the girl stands full-length in a casino, screaming with happiness, with gold coins in the background

  1. A spotlight on a Korean-blonde thick housewife in a fancy, eye-catching sporty dress poses with a pack of cards, a giant lit hall with slot machines behind her


Конечно, в крео можно использовать не только девушек, но и мужчин, особенно если на изображении демонстрируется радость от выигрыша.

  1. Realistic image of a strong muscular man in a suit excited playing slot machines in a casino, in the background there is a casino with many slot machines, purple, red, blue colors, cinematic atmosphere, confetti rain, 8k resolution, ultra detail

  1. Create an image of a dynamic advertisement for an online entertainment or gaming platform. The main focus is a charismatic man giving a thumbs up, dressed in an elegant bright pink suit, which symbolizes excitement and fun. The backdrop should be filled with golden coins flowing in abundance, with various casino elements like playing cards, roulette wheels, and dice adding to the opulent gambling atmosphere. The colors should be rich and festive, dominated by reds and golds to convey the sense of wealth and prosperity. Incorporate auspicious Chinese characters in a striking font to align with themes of luck and fortune.

  1. In the center of a rich burgundy background with gold accents, a royal flush shines. To the right is a confident person in a suit featuring card symbols, beaming with a smile, holding a glass tumbler with an icy cocktail. To the left, a mountain of poker chips symbolizes richness and success. The exquisite atmosphere of luxury and thrill, highlighted by soft lighting and shadows, creates a sense of exclusivity for the event. --style raw

  1. A handsome and courteous guy with gorgeous hair, dressed in a tuxedo, white shirt and black bow tie, emotionally winning at the Vegas casino gaming table, surrounded by super hot women who look at him with loving eyes, against the background of gold coins and dollars

  1. A young charming guy of European appearance, who is sitting in front of a slot machine, he got the jackpot and he is immensely happy with a big win, there are many gold coins around him, the background of the image with bright lights in burgundy and gold tones


Кроме реалистичных героев, также можно использовать и других персонажей.

  1. Casino advertising user interface design, highly detailed, inspired by Marvel, Zeus character, gambling, casino full of idle coins and lightning bolts

  1. Zeus god, lightnings from hands, dark sky on background, cartoon style, game concept art, golden confetti

  1. A painting depicting a 25-year-old woman of European appearance, with a beautiful business hairstyle, blonde hair, red lipstick, in a red vest, she is a dealer in a casino, portrait of a character from LüJi, Artstation, sots art, artstation hd, angular, detailed painting, white background

  1. Create a character in the style of Anubis [или используйте любого другого древнеегипетского бога или персонажа], where he is depicted with an exaggerated expression of surprise while spinning the roulette wheel. The character combines ancient Egyptian elegance with a modern style of streetwear: a leather jacket with hieroglyphic details, exquisite jewelry and fashionable high-top sneakers. The image reflects not only the urban sophistication of the character, but also his cool swagger, especially when he interacts with the roulette wheel, adding a dynamic and attractive element to his dramatically surprised behavior

  1. Smiling 35-year-old man in Spanish clothes with long black hair, holding a suitcase with a lot of gold coins, cartoon style, white background

  1. An old leprechaun in a green suit, next to a chest of jewels, against a mountain of gold with diamonds and rubies, disney

  1. Woman looks like Cleopatra, smiles, ancient egypt, cartoon style, casino art style, gambling style, lots of gold jewelry, art for casino ads, isolated background

Другие элементы для крео


  1. An image showing a combination of different types of mobile casino games: slots, blackjack, chips, gold coins and roulette.

  1. A set of icons of slot machine elements (cherries, leaves, gold coins, banknotes, suits of game cards) in dark red and dark green colors, casino. Cartoon. Vector illustration. Highlighted on a white background

  1. A big win 777 jackpot with prizes and coins in the background, in the style of 2d game art, rounded shapes, algeapunk, elaborate detailing, ferrania p30, skillful, chance

  1. Create an exciting image that showcases the exciting essence of an online casino, emphasizing the connection with money and wealth. Visualize a luxurious and energetic casino environment, but adapted to the online environment. Include items such as glowing digital slot machines decorated with gold and precious stones, a roulette wheel spinning in rays of digital light, and playing cards that shimmer with a holographic coating. Around these central elements, place symbols of wealth such as stacks of gold coins, cascading paper money and sparkling diamonds, all against a background that suggests a complex digital space. The overall atmosphere should be filled with excitement and luxury, inviting viewers to plunge into the luxurious world of online gambling. The color scheme should be rich and bright, with gold, green and blue shades to emphasize the richness and reliability. Make sure that the image is dynamic, with a sense of money movement and game elements to convey an eventful online casino gaming experience.

  1. An image of a casino with cards flying in the air, gold coins, slots and roulette, the background is dark green with bright lights

  1. Targeting players passionate about Teen Patti and Explorer Slots, especially those interested in game strategies, skills, and rewards, our design will reflect the potential for players to win amounts ranging from small to large, showcase elements of game strategy and skills, emphasize the game's reward system such as sign-up bonuses and rewards for completing specific tasks, and support the display of video content, including tutorials, skill-sharing, and success stories. The design adopts an appealing gold and green color scheme symbolizing wealth and luck, unique icons and symbols representing different game elements, a user interface that is simple to use and includes rich visual elements and interactive tutorials. Features include providing game tutorials, a strategy-sharing platform, reward displays, and video playback functionality. The copy incorporates "Master the game, win glory - every round is a step closer to victory" and "A perfect blend of strategy and luck - show your wisdom in Teen Patti," to enhance the design's appeal and the player's gaming experience ar 2:3 --v 6

  1. A set of icons in a GOLD FRAME is a 2D illustration of game art, with elements of the ancient Egyptian style, suitable for slot machines, ancient Egyptian art. shiny gold and warm colors

  1. Casino games 777 slot machine with flying gold coins, made in the style of realistic hyperdetalized rendering, cranberry core, UHD image, aurorapunk, simplicity, dark orange and light burgundy


  1. Fantasy-style artistic emblem, heraldic seal style, roulette wheel, gold coins, coin wheel, symbol of the god Ra and gambling, white background

  1. Wheel of fortune, Ancient Egypt style, surrounded by casino games, in the style of bright color gradients, palette knife, futuristic, colorful explosions, dark colors, 2d game, 3d game, full hd, glow


  1. Ancient book decorated with precious stones in Egyptian style, casual game style, isolated white background

  1. Antique spell book surrounded by red glowing magic playing card signs, blank background, cartoon style

  1. An open antique golden magic book decorated with expensive stones, from the pages of which rises a warm magical light, cartoon style, white background


  1. Cartoon 2D illustration, wooden chest full of gold coins, colorful background (yellow, blue, fuschia), pixar style

  1. A very large iron treasure chest, next to a broken lock full of gold coins and casino chips, made in a cartoon style

  1. A treasure box full of gold coins, gems and diamonds and all kinds of treasures on a black background and with light behind it, attention to detail, Disney style


Готовые промты облегчают процесс подготовки креативов. А изменение элементов, фона, цветов поможет получать новые уникальные изображения. Надеемся, что наш материал будет полезен и сэкономит ваше время при сборке крео.

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