Low engagement rate on IG? Increase it!

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LisaBig написал 20.08.2018

Here's the thread to boost your engagement rate on Instagram:

  1. Scrape the list of your followers through any tool (list A)

  2. Scrape the list of users who liked your 10 last posts. You can do it one by one manually. (list B).

  3. Go to somacon.com and paste both your lists (A & B) there. Check it for duplicates. It will give you the lists of uniques - your followers who haven’t liked any of your 10 recent posts. (list C)

  4. Use Im Risto to single out the users who have private accs. Upload your list C here and filter out the private accs (list D), all the rest will form list E.

  5. Block the users from the list D: those who haven’t posted in last 2 months, who don’t have profile pic or bio, who have less than 2 posts.

  6. Upload your list E to your like tool and begin liking their content - I would recommend to like 2-3 of their recent posts. Keep doing it.
    Usually this method results in 15-50% better engagement stats. Try it, I checked several times.


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