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MAC 2019. A few words about the conference and long-awaited video speeches

A month ago we held one of the biggest annual conferences in the realm of affiliate marketing - MAC Moscow. It gathered webmasters, advertisers, affiliates and other affiliate specialists in one place. With each passing year MAC is becoming more and more grandiose. More companies, more speakers, ...

Кейс «Заявки на маникюр в Санкт-Петербурге через чат боты, 101 клиент по 43 рубля.

Кейс «Заявки на маникюр в Санкт-Петербурге через чат боты, 101 клиент по 43 рубля.

Хелооо гайз. С Вами Иванов Иван и мой паблик Арбитраж трафика/Таргет/СММ/arbitrajniki.ru

Я вообще опытный арбитражник по товарке , но сейчас решил перенеси вектор своей направленности на более ...

Specialists in Mobile Traffic are needed

WAP-click partner program are looking for specialists in mobile traffic. We offer 400+ different offers, direct connection to the carriers, highest payouts (revshare or CPA), worldwide carriers, daily payouts. If you have experience in working with wap-mobile traffic or you are owner of a ...

Which Google Adwords extensions can appear in your account automatically?

As many of the PPC experts have noticed, Google is not indifferent to ad extensions and is constantly testing more and more new items. So, at first the extensions of "Prices" and "Partner Addresses" became available, but there are also such ad extensions that appear only when the campaign meets ...

Instagram develops online shopping app

Instagram is working on a new application dedicated to shopping. It will be called "IG Shopping" and will allow the service audience to view collections of goods from the sellers on which they are subscribed. It will also be possible to buy them directly in the application. Instagram declined to ...

is it true news? This app will be  good and useful for e-commerce 

How to create a blacklist of websites for networks


I decided to tell you how to compile black lists of sites for teaser networks. There are two types of teaser networks, the first type - networks with high quality traffic, which is carefully checked by admins of teaser networks and the second one is networks which are take every ...

yes, you're right

Why does some networks have the possibility to specify more than one SubID?

Most of you, guys, knows about SubID , but only few of you use its full capabilities. So, SubID is a label that allows you to track all the actions occurred with it in statistics.

Why is this necessary?

I think everything is clear, but I’ll show it in case:

I'm pushing up ...

just use script, I'll send you a file with it in pm

“Work on what you love and make effort every time” - Jitendra Vaswani shared his knowledge of blogging, SEO & PPC

Traffic Cardinal interviewed Jitendra Vaswani - digital marketer, professional blogger, speaker and SEO-consultant from India, who has more than 5 years of experience in the industry. Founder of “DigiExe” digital marketing agency and internet marketing blog “Bloggersideas”, creator of WordPress ...

Low engagement rate on IG? Increase it!

Here's the thread to boost your engagement rate on Instagram:

Scrape the list of your followers through any tool (list A)

Scrape the list of users who liked your 10 last posts. You can do it one by one manually. (list B).

Go to somacon.com and paste both your lists (A & ...

Sounds good, I will try it to revive my almost dead IG account:)

How to protect website content from plagiarism?

Use Javascript hacks. For example WP-copy protect plugin.

This plugin can protect pictures on your web site too. The cons: it doesn't protect from content parsing, some users can leave the website if it's impossible to save the picture.

2.Automatic verification of the ...

"Adding a copyright icon" - lol