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According to Flurry Analytics, average mobile users spend 5 hours per day using their smartphones. Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic since 2016. Make sure your mobile LP is engaging: it must capture user’s attention at once and more than that - keep it.

  1. Single out your CTA button. Highlight it, but don’t be annoying. For example, a good solution is to make it bright and eye-catching on the background of a simplistic black-and-white / single-colour design. Also it must promise something easy and profitable, like: “Get started for free / Start your free account. Credit card is not required”.

  2. Keep your important message above the fold. Google research from 2014 says only 30% of pages are viewed below the fold, while the content above the fold gets around 70% of viewability. Today’s Nielsen’s study states 84% of viewability belongs to above-the-fold content. Put there something that can encourage the user to scroll the page down.

  3. Create simple forms that are supposed to be filled out by the customers. People don’t like to answer many questions to fill in the long form. Make the process of selection easy. All the alternatives must be clear, like Business or Personal Accounts choice.

  4. Use Video content. According to Cisco forecasts, by 2021 about 82% of a global traffic will be video-based. Convert your text content into video and see the difference:)

  5. Implement sticky header / footer with static CTA button. Just imagine, the user got engaged into your LP content and even scrolled the page down. But your CTA is above as the most important part of the LP. So, the user is supposed to scroll it back all the way up to submit a form using CTA. Many people can leave your page at this stage. But if you have a sticky static CTA - it’s always there, the user can click it anytime.


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