Ads in instastories. Video size

ImSaferider_Mark написал 21.01.2018
1 мин

I want to run an ad in instaStories, a video with a profile in it. Accordingly, first you need to put the video in the story from the account of the insta, and then import it from the profile when creating and declaring it in Ads Manager. The problem: when I import, I find that the video size was 640x1052 (it must be 1080x1920), and this is less than 9:16, and the FB does not allow to import such video. I watch the sizes of video from other people in the stories, almost all 640*1136, that's the size of the proportions just fit. Only how to download a video so that it is trimmed to the correct proportions? Maybe it depends on the device? Already on 3 different tried, everywhere equally. Can anyone come across?


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