Aliexpress affiliate program - 6 tips for successful sales

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Today I start to work with Aliexpress partnership. I would like to share you my experience here.

As you know almost all products on the AliExpress are paid by the adverts. The amount of payment depends on the geography and category of goods.

All products in the AliExpress affiliate program are divided into categories, I get this top 3 - which are the best for affiliates in my case.

  1. Affiliate products. Webmaster's commission 3-10% (depends from the region)

    I prefere pushing up the traffic on this page
  1. Non-affiliated products. These products are not participate in the affiliate program, as the sellers did not want it, but AliExpress is paying webmasters 2% commission

  2. Hot Products. 3%-90% commissions

My traffic sources:

1)Public pages, groups, communities on social facebook and instagram

2)Targeted ads on fb

6 special tips from me:

-If you want to create a thematic public page, do not use the word “Aliexpress” in the group name- it's forbidden

-Focus in 1 niche. If you’ll make group about “products for children”, “women's underwear” and “electronic devices” you’ll reach a large audience of people, but bad conversion at the same time.

-Always check your affiliate link: is it from “Deeplink” category or from “Hot products”, is it goes to right product, did you make it affiliate, did you use SubID

-The most effective GEO in my experience: Spain, France, USA(the highest commissions) and Poland, Portugal, Brazil and Israel (Aliexpress is just beginning to become popular in these countries)

-Check other affiliate marketers creatives, ad texts and pictures. Try to make perfect ad from the first step

-Make your ad more native- you know why)


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