Case puzzle: How to drive more traffic to your website using World cup current topic?

Sahyl666 написал 19.06.2018
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Hi everyone!

Its my first post here and I want to share my experience with you - how I'm milking traffic right now.
I created a simple LP:

You can make articles about "how to watch world cup 2018", some interesting facts about players or anything related. Then you can get 1 of the posts and boost it with PBNs. I'll tell more about SEO strategy and how get it rank better on Google later.
And now how to make cheap or free traffic on it from other sources.
-Facebook Groups (invite people to watch translation for free)
-Youtube (make a short video how to watch football on different platforms)
-Quora (t’s easy to rank Quora pages and found them on top 3 google for high competitive keywords)
So I'll make money if I really provide streaming links. The question is: what if I'll not? what should i do to monetize it?)


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