Google Customer Match for marketers

Helen_Sciurus написал 27.04.2018
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Customer Match is Google's equivalent of Facebook Custom Audiences, that uses email addresses to target PPC ads and displays them across Gmail, Search, Shopping and YouTube.

First, it gives you incredible scope. You can re-engage with your clients using contact information they have already shared with you. It also helps target lapsed customers, especially those who have unsubscribed your direct mail.

Now you can serve PPC ads to previous site visitors with its remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs), that allows advertisers to increase bids or broaden keyphrases for returning searchers who are more likely to click and convert. Customer Match recognises signed-in users across mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Moreover, Google can create lookalike audience, using basic information from your customers.

Experienced marketers know that this Adwords tool was created several years ago. Now we’d like to focus on recent updates. Today we can use not only email address to target audience, but also such options, as phone numbers, first and last name, country and even zip-code.These measures can boost ad conversions and your business in general.


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