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How to get free traffic from Quora

rajeevkarur rajeevkarur написал 06.08.2018
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Many marketers underestimate Quora, but basing on my personal experience I can say that it has really huge potential and easy, high-quality and free traffic.

How does it work?

  1. Make a list of engaging discussions on Quora that are related to your niche.

  2. Search for your industry, keywords, topic, etc to find out where Quora users actively interact. As an alternative, you can start the discussion / ask a question yourself.

  3. Choose the one with the highest engagement rate - that has more views, followers, etc.

  4. Write a good, detailed, and specific answer. Make an effort to get first position in the discussion so that readers could see your answer right away. Put there some useful and valuable information for readers. Your aim is to get upvotes.

  5. Do some SEO manipulations, link-building and keyword research in particular. Try to rank higher on SERP. Put a link to your website in the answer.

So, it works in the following way: users search for an answer => find the Quora discussion (that’s why it should me on the TOP of SERP) => click on it and see your answer with the website (LP) link => make sure they click on your links, and here it is, your key audience!


1. Quora got first position on Google

2. Look how many views has the author whose answer got first position in the discussion: 147.4K answer views per 118 answers, it's about 1250 views per answer on average. That's not bad.

3. Here's the link to his Immigration agency.


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