How to protect website content from plagiarism?

SaleemNK написал 17.08.2018
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  1. Use Javascript hacks. For example WP-copy protect plugin.

This plugin can protect pictures on your web site too. The cons: it doesn't protect from content parsing, some users can leave the website if it's impossible to save the picture.

2.Automatic verification of the uniqueness

You can use a service that will automatically check the uniqueness of the content on website

How it works: this tool check up the text and search it on other websites. Then you can see a link to website which has copypasted your content and you can contact with its owner.

3. Source attribution

Use a script that will automatically add to any copied content from your site a link to the source. It doesn't protect from copy pasting, the author may not notice the link and you’ll get an extra external link.

4. Adding a copyright icon

Add a copyright icon to the footer and information that any materials on the site can not be used without the written consent of the owner. If someone copies your content you can theoretically apply to the court.

5. Use the name of the website in the text

Use the company, project or website name in the text. So copiers need to rewrite an article. If they are not careful, you will receive an additional PR.


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