How to use Wikipedia for Broken Link Building

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Wikipedia is one of the most trusted sites on global web which appears almost in every search result occupying TOP positions. So, how to use it for your own good?

1. Find Wikipedia broken links

First of all, Wikipedia editors have already done awesome job for you: they collected all dead external links in one article: ”Category:All articles with dead external links” . But there’s another method to find a dead link which is related to your niche and product.

For that make Google search for the following text: “searched keyword” intext:”dead link”

Here’s example of search results for the keyword “gastroscopy” (it’s for clinic’s website)

Let's follow the first link and hit Ctrl+F to find “dead link”:

2. Check the link

When the link is found, let's check it:

Well, obviously the page doesn’t exist, so you have the opportunity to create your own page and edit Wikipedia dead link.

3. Track history

The next step is to go to Wayback Machine and browse page history:

Click any highlighted date in the calendar when the article was live, and it will redirect you to the original article:


Finally, we got the article!

4. Check indexing

It’s time to check if the page is still indexed. Just type in Google search: site:

Here's the result:

All is well and we can use this article for our link-building. There are quite a lot of options how to employ it, but the easiest is Dead Citation method - for that just edit and update the article and publish it on your own source. I can also suggest other more efficient method - negotiating with the site owner about the broken link and replacing it with your own.


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