Review: Parallel Tracking as AdWords must-opt trend

LeoTheGreat написал 28.05.2018
2 мин

Earlier this year Google launched parallel tracking as new Adwords experience. This function is designed to boost ad’s loading time, and as the result, it must lower website’s bounce rate. What’s most important, all AdWords accounts will be obliged to use parallel tracking, as Google stands up for speeding up the global net. This thing must be done by October 30 - you can select necessary option in “Tracking” section of your account's settings. Moreover, advertisers are asked to check system’s compatibility with the click measurement providers. In case it’s not compatible, your landing page may stop functioning.

With parallel tracking two parallel actions happen: 1. user is referred to your landing page as soon as he clicks the ad; 2. click measurement is carried out in the background.

Without parallel tracking your customers are redirected several times before they reach your landing page. This is step-by-step process which takes much more time while loading:

I've already turned this setting on. It seems the loading speed has really improved. Check your AdWords accounts, guys, Google never sleeps:)


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