The top 3 free ways to promote your Affiliate Offer

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Driving traffic to your affiliate offer is the very important thing in affiliate marketing. If we drive quality traffic to the offer the conversion chances are more. There are many ways to get traffic to the affiliate offer page. But I am discussing here only Free methods which are I am using to promote my offers. Follow these steps you will definitely get good results.

  • Social Media

Social Media is the # 1 source to get the free traffic. Post your offer on all your social channels. Search for FB groups related to your topic and join in all the groups which have more than 20K members. After getting approval from the group admin you can able to make posts on the group. Post your affiliate offer without a link.

Ex:- “Want to earn $100 every day by just working for 2-3 hours? Comment “info”

Send your offer link through the messenger who responded to your post. This way you can get quality traffic to your offer.

Download List of top 20 make money online Facebook Groups

Quora Answers

Go to and search for your topic and find the question people asked reacted to your topic and answer them with your link.

  • Youtube

As you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after the

You get more targeted traffic to your offer. For this, you need to make useful videos.

Some of the Best Video Making Ideas

Product Review Videos

Make a video review the product or the business offer. The review should be like a genuine review. You need to talk good things about the products or the business opportunity and also keep in mind you need to talk about some bad thing which is really you don’t like about the product then it will appear like a genuine review.

Showing the Demos

If it is a physical product you can make a demo video of the product how to unpack and how to use the product. In this video also you need have both positive and negative things about the product focus more on the positive things less on the negative things

Last but not least

Make videos something useful to your followers. Always try to help the people and solve the problem that your followers have.



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